Another super gooner on neoseeker. Congratulations on supporting the planets greatest team and here's to another unbeaten season in which we will pick up every trophy available.....................Probily!

Anyways, see you around mate, take it easy
Hi Brandon, i noticed u signed my guest book, so i thought i would sign yours,


p.s on your profile it says you have blocked your real name, but then in your email it says Brandon987!! Like thats not obvious!!! LOL
I've only just seen that you've signed mine, so I'm signing yours back, cheers for signing my guestbook btw son. Well anyway see you in the forums!!

your welcome for the help, and thanks for signing my guestbook

I still don't know too much about you, so I'm sorry for didn't give you a better guestbook signing like other neofriends. But when our friendship is better I promise to give you a better one. I hope we'll getting better and better.

Good luck with everything in future! And take care yourself too! I love wrestling! Who is the best wrestler? Brock Lesnar!!!! Why? Because F-5 rocks!


Hey man thanks for signing my guestbook!
I'll be your friend too. So I'm here to sign yours.Yes man you should go to HCTP and Kingdom Hearts 2 forum....because this two games is gonna rocks!!!

Have a nice day.