okumsup judaspriest
Jun 15, 08 6:13am
Sir, you have revitalized my life. I feel much better now.

Thank you very much, seasons greetings, have a great Kwanzaa!

BITE ME xX judaspriest
Jun 1, 08 10:47pm

dude.. i got perma baned.

wtf thats gay i know right.



k so wut up
Fertro judaspriest
Jun 1, 08 9:14am
Hai, u luv boost 2?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?question mark

It's yummy, I want one now!!!

Anyway, just dropping by and saying boost rocks.

Rune Ripper judaspriest
May 22, 08 4:14am
Hey man, thanks for the signing - didn't expect it at all.

I've seen you around a bit, you seem pretty cool so yeah, you deserve a signing.

See you in Loungin'
extrafatguy judaspriest
May 20, 08 12:00am
sweet pic man
wats up with filling 125 space i cant be bothered to write that much i may as well not sign anyones guest book
ur wicked but this thing is gay

Ville_Valo judaspriest
Nov 21, 07 1:39pm
Hah, yeah, well I've never had a stamp, always just text. Wish it told you when people signed your GB, I always forget to check.
Thanks for the sign, cya round the PSP forum
Shin Ra judaspriest
Jan 15, 07 9:58am
Just thought I'd sign your g'book since you added me to msn and all.

TJ D judaspriest
Oct 29, 06 2:41am
Its rare to encounter a Priest fan anymore. Their my favorite band, I beleive Rob Halford is the best vocalist in Metal history!
Willow judaspriest
Sep 12, 06 4:46am
For whenever it is :S

Seen you and your avatar Loungin' around a lot so...

Tiki Penguin judaspriest
Apr 13, 06 4:31am
ReStamping =)


Cya around =)

----FFS I HATE 125 characters!!!!!)!(!*&!^(*&%!&^%!
Redalert501 judaspriest
Apr 8, 06 4:29am
Hey you're pretty nice. I see you mostly on the RS forums, so here's a stamp.

I's is runsing ats yours screens, ready to's runs yoos down wid a falg.
i r noodle judaspriest
Apr 2, 06 10:48pm

dis is a quick stamp since im quitting sry.

i r noodle!
Candersen judaspriest
Mar 25, 06 7:37pm
thanks for signing my guestbook. ill sign yours back!

oh yeah i saw your avatar.. family guy rocks.

see you around.
hyperion45 judaspriest
Mar 25, 06 6:26am
just thought i'd sign cos i seen you around family guy thread and family guy is cool so ur cool

here be a stamp