Sir, you have revitalized my life. I feel much better now.

Thank you very much, seasons greetings, have a great Kwanzaa!


dude.. i got perma baned.

wtf thats gay i know right.



k so wut up
Hai, u luv boost 2?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?question mark

It's yummy, I want one now!!!

Anyway, just dropping by and saying boost rocks.

Hey man, thanks for the signing - didn't expect it at all.

I've seen you around a bit, you seem pretty cool so yeah, you deserve a signing.

See you in Loungin'
sweet pic man
wats up with filling 125 space i cant be bothered to write that much i may as well not sign anyones guest book
ur wicked but this thing is gay

Hah, yeah, well I've never had a stamp, always just text. Wish it told you when people signed your GB, I always forget to check.
Thanks for the sign, cya round the PSP forum
Just thought I'd sign your g'book since you added me to msn and all.

Its rare to encounter a Priest fan anymore. Their my favorite band, I beleive Rob Halford is the best vocalist in Metal history!
For whenever it is :S

Seen you and your avatar Loungin' around a lot so...

ReStamping =)


Cya around =)

----FFS I HATE 125 characters!!!!!)!(!*&!^(*&%!&^%!
Hey you're pretty nice. I see you mostly on the RS forums, so here's a stamp.

I's is runsing ats yours screens, ready to's runs yoos down wid a falg.

dis is a quick stamp since im quitting sry.

i r noodle!
thanks for signing my guestbook. ill sign yours back!

oh yeah i saw your avatar.. family guy rocks.

see you around.
just thought i'd sign cos i seen you around family guy thread and family guy is cool so ur cool

here be a stamp