Hope you have a good one!
Just passing through...

And here is your final stamp.

You have reached the max amount of stamps you can get. Thanks for playing.
And here are your last 2 stamps.

Hope you like her.
As promised here is your 4th Stamp.

Hope you like them.
As promised here is your 3rd Stamp.

You can stamp me one more time to get yourself 2 more stamps.


And here is your 2nd Stamp.

You can still stamp mine 2 more times.
As promised here are your stamps.

Hope you like them.

Joshthegreat - My master. My hero. My love.
Awesome! I'm actually kinda surprised that I haven't signed your guestbook yet! Ah well, I need a new stamp, so that's probably why. Anyways, here ya go!
Seen you round the PS3 Forum & the PSP Forums. Your on fire, some great posts you've written, see you around.

Signed by the One & Only
Your wish is my command.

Hi joshthegreat, I've seen you around the PSP forums and thought I'd sign your guestbook,
Merry Christmas
Hello there! I felt like making a stamp and signign Guestbooks as the last time I did was back at the start of year 2005. Well, take care.

Spitfire Skateboarding. JJBDude
See you around alot in the PSP forums and you seem to be a nice person to have around on the forums
Hi Josh! It's great to be...um...hippy happy!!!!!! Lalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalala! DS RULES!!!!!!! BUY DS!!!!! BUY DS!!!!!!!! THAT'S ALL I'M GOING TO SAY!!!!!!!

I hope you had a fab Christmas and that you have a great year in 2005, from JJBDude
seasons greetings
i know im doing this just before xmas but who cares:D

have a merry christmas and a happy new year:)


26th-31st Of December, Forget Christmas!
A bit random you signed my guestbook. Anyway I thought I should sign yours in return, even though you stole my name

Those Pumpkins Look Horny! =O

Joyous Hallow's Eve
I'm on a signing spree, Enjoy meh sexy new stamp

Sign back!
Just signing back cause you signed mine.

I never realised how many people from Neo actually lived in Surrey, it's crazy!