Ew, this was like 6 years ago. I'll leave this here for memory's sake.

this biography is dedicated to my friends listed below

craigsydenham: i dont really know y i asked him that he should make a new whos that pokemon thread and he asked me for a pun i thought of 1 but it was suckish

Master Of Diamond: dont realy know y hes my friend

MasterOfBlades: i was joining a clan and i had to battle him and i kicked his butt

pokemon120: i dont really remember how webecame friends but she is really nice and a great friend

Shadow8888: he stole my avvie and i got mad and and i told him to get a different one and i think i went hard on the little guy so i made him my friend

Vhozon: we were in the same clan and he was a nice guy

Agony Frost: i dont really know y hes my friend

AuraX: i wanted to join his clan and i got accepted and hes a nice guy we u get to know him

CAPITAL BETA: in aurax's clan me and a few other people were spamming (it was the time of my life) and he said spamming: epic failure and the spam got deleted and i thought he deleted us but he didn't and he showed me a funny pic so i added him

catman815: he made this clan which ended badly and i was the first 1 2 join and he gave me a shiny blissy for joining

Chimcharizard: i was posting in the rescue thread and he wanted to rescue me but he didn't have the place so he couldn't rescue me but i added him for answring

ee_chan: we r and still in the same clan and we were gonna go into the battle tower together but he logged off and i did not know wat happened

Emoliciousnot: i had this sig i wanted but i didn't know how to get it on and he got it for me and i added him

Fletchr: he is the leader of a clan im in and i need to battle him still

followboy10: i wanted to post on a thread but i was not in the hot seat but he let me answer

Hiiiii: he was the 1 that gave me my rhyperior and its awsome

Joeythe pkmon master: i made a thread and i wanted a giratina and he gave me it

Kinganubis2: hes the one that gave me my sig and he did a really good job

PokemonMasterManaphy: i hated him but he saved me in a game and hes nice once u get to know him

sMARTsIMs CO: he asked me if i wanted to join a thread and she was really nice so added her

Wolfiemeeps: she gave me a bunch of eggs she she gave me 3 of my avvies and shes really nice but shes never on ;(

zuthor: the last of them all he was in a thread with me and he gave me my shiny charzard which dark evil took

i still hate u dark evil!!!!


pokemon rules!!!!


3DS Friend Code: 4468-2348-8160

Feel free to talk to me or ask me any questions!

Currently attempting a eeveelution only run of Pokemon Y!
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