such as gible or larvitar. doesn't matter what pokemon it is as long as it has 5ivs! would appreciate if it has Adama

I have extra leftovers for trade. also I got ALL of the Power Items and Battle Item If you have an exceptional offer I

I have jolly sycther with 31/31/31/31/31/x IV's Wanting to breed it for the nature and speed IV. I will offer a

Would be greatly appreciated! I got a Steel Type Safari with Excadrill and Mawille and Foretress !

Offering Protean Froakie with 5 Perfect IV Magic Guard Abra with 5 Perfect IV Adoptability Eevee with 5 Perfect IV

I am looking for gen 6 battlers who wants to test their new teams through wifi battle! 2294 4659 5678 IGN: JK PM me! T

*** Adamant HA Dratini, Riolu, Gible or Hasty HA Froakie I am clearing my PC after a massive breeding session I will ta

Yeah, looking to get myself a Hasty Protean Greninja. I can offer -- HA Dratini, HA Gible, Riolu, and LOADS of safari p

I am giving away Dratini, Riolu, and Gible! Many of them have great natures with great natures. I will accept Bat

I am looking for following pokemon with Flawless or NearFlawless IV's: Ditto HA Dratini Gastly HA Eevee Magnem

Offering Loads of different pokemons including but not limited to, Modest Eevee, Jolly Gible, Jolly and Adamant Riolu,

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