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Might be interesting. I actually just got a Nintendo 64, so I might buy and play the original... read more

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And exactly where did you get that quote from? An unsourced quotation that contradicts every... read more

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The story.

The metagame is exactly that. Meta. After or beyond the game.
Uh, no. Meta does... read more

But Saints Fan, catching 'em all requires time and effort. Since that, to Haru17, constitutes... read more

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I've seen people like you before. You don't understand the concept of rarity in general.... read more

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It seems the original contest format will be back, albeit updated, which is what I was...
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Honestly, I thought this was real at first. It's just so realistic. The technology shown is... read more

I still love playing RCT2. But the series has jumped the shark. The 3DS game was a huge letdown... read more

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I didn't, and take offense to you calling me lazy. How did you get to category mod... read more

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...No, you do not need to do the purchasing during March. Purchasing a game/system... read more