Honestly, I thought this was real at first. It's just so realistic. The technology shown is... read more

I still love playing RCT2. But the series has jumped the shark. The 3DS game was a huge letdown... read more

Shadow of Death
I didn't, and take offense to you calling me lazy. How did you get to category mod... read more

Shadow of Death
...No, you do not need to do the purchasing during March. Purchasing a game/system... read more

The YouTube channel isn't run by Nintendo- never has been. It won't be affected. read more

quote Inhale
Who the *bleep* wants that.
Maybe people with real-life friends who play Pokémon? It's... read more

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Do you mean Wi-Fi trading? Because you can still trade locally, and transferring to Gen 5... read more

This is very sad. A lot of communities on this site will be reduced to discussion by this. This is... read more

Then get a copy for yourself. Surely you aren't going to pass this opportunity up. read more

Then buy one sometime next month. After all, you're getting two games for the price of... read more

I'll be using this to get Y! Though if I read correctly, this deal doesn't start until March 1st,... read more

Well, that still doesn't seem insurmountable. Then again, I know nothing about things like... read more

Well, yes, but I can't see graphics becoming a huge issue. Nintendo's not going to release... read more

Because, Enth and THM, Yoshi's Island and Metroid Fusion were special gifts to the 3DS early... read more

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