DareDevil5 jokerdude48
Feb 28, 05 5:25am
I'm the next to sign since Aug. 20004? Cool!
I thought I would use the game stamp that made. ( Made up game )

-Sign Mine too.
-Cya on the Forums
Soul Cataclysm jokerdude48
Aug 22, 04 11:00am
Hey, happy birthday, I hope you had a good one. C'ya round the Pokemon forums.

PIKAPIKA910 jokerdude48
May 6, 04 1:29am
Not going to waste and change your sig maybe.
Hey,do you use AOL Inastant Messanger?If you watch cable and the fairy odd parents this is my favorite speech:We the people,r my favorite,WWWHHHHEEEEEEE!!!!
not logged in jokerdude48
Apr 3, 04 6:45pm
just keepin my promice and signing your GB. Now bye and see ya in the SSBM forum-hopefully. NOW L8ER.

LGreen jokerdude48
Mar 18, 04 8:04pm
Hi I am signin your guestbook cause Ive got nothin better to do nise avator thingy my names lindz and well you can call me a bit mad.
See you around
Cathrina jokerdude48
Mar 13, 04 5:34am
Ja want me to sign ye guestbook bcaz you're tellin' everyone thats a waste? Watta sheesh....
Shadow12 jokerdude48
Sep 11, 03 4:17am
Hey, how's it going? I see you around the Pokemon Ruby Forum so I thought I would sign your guestbook. Nice avatar. Hey how about you sign mine? Well see ya.

Raquazza03 jokerdude48
Aug 19, 03 4:43am
hi... i'm signing 'cause i know what it feels like to not have anybody sign your guestbook.

P.S. I signed yours so please sign mine too

duskull jokerdude48
Jul 29, 03 8:04pm
hi,just thought id sign.now i haveso im off,

sign my guestbook 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
FreakyAbsol jokerdude48
Jun 27, 03 2:30am
Thx for telling me that you can find Snorunt at any thime. Hope we become friends.

P.S.What's your favorite Pokemon? Please sign my guestbook.

Best Regards

From: FreakyAbsol:laugh: