I'm the next to sign since Aug. 20004? Cool!
I thought I would use the game stamp that made. ( Made up game )

-Sign Mine too.
-Cya on the Forums
Hey, happy birthday, I hope you had a good one. C'ya round the Pokemon forums.

Not going to waste and change your sig maybe.
Hey,do you use AOL Inastant Messanger?If you watch cable and the fairy odd parents this is my favorite speech:We the people,r my favorite,WWWHHHHEEEEEEE!!!!
just keepin my promice and signing your GB. Now bye and see ya in the SSBM forum-hopefully. NOW L8ER.

Hi I am signin your guestbook cause Ive got nothin better to do nise avator thingy my names lindz and well you can call me a bit mad.
See you around
Ja want me to sign ye guestbook bcaz you're tellin' everyone thats a waste? Watta sheesh....
Hey, how's it going? I see you around the Pokemon Ruby Forum so I thought I would sign your guestbook. Nice avatar. Hey how about you sign mine? Well see ya.

hi... i'm signing 'cause i know what it feels like to not have anybody sign your guestbook.

P.S. I signed yours so please sign mine too

hi,just thought id sign.now i haveso im off,

sign my guestbook 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thx for telling me that you can find Snorunt at any thime. Hope we become friends.

P.S.What's your favorite Pokemon? Please sign my guestbook.

Best Regards

From: FreakyAbsol:laugh: