charizard47 joeyo124
Nov 12, 06 6:18am
You sir, have the most steely balls I have ever seen lol

Cool songs by the way, I thought the were quite good and humorous ^.¬

Murray3 joeyo124
Nov 12, 06 5:58am
your songs were funny and cool now that the songs are on the PS3 board I'm laughing like a... a... something that laughs alot kay
black doom joeyo124
Nov 11, 06 11:06pm
That was amazing. Truely brilliant.

To bad I don't have any stamps...

"I am at my limit, I have no choice but to adapt a Sonic quote and fire the first the first picture of my neohomepages fleet"

"CHHHAAARRGGGEE, your light arrow"

I hope you like Zelda and Sonic. Or at least know enough about Zelda and can figure out the joke. Regardless that was extraordinary. Normally I amn't so chalk full of praise but...