little kitty kat joeofpie
Aug 26, 08 12:15am
well thanks for the happy b-day, and thats really odd because most people I know (me included lol) it like makes it extremely worse. oh well, i guess acne is an incurable cause.
kittin_love joeofpie
Jul 17, 08 3:40pm
Hi big brother! please dont shoot me your_moms_a_cow! pwease! since I have signed yours, you have to sign mine! HA! I love doing this! cause then my friends have to sign.
your_moms_a_cow joeofpie
Jul 17, 08 1:07am
Am I the first one to sign? Cause as your girlfriend I should be the first one to sign!
If antbody signed befor me I'm going to shoot there ass'e off!!!!!!!!