On my 2nd playthrough. I got tired of trying to beat Robinwind, I'm going to TRY to get to that point with some fresh sages. Wish me luck! StarOcean3TillTheEndOfTime PS2
I'm trying to beat Shrine of Kaddan. I can't beat the solo battles. StarOcean3TillTheEndOfTime PS2
This GTA ownages the first ones. I've not played GTA 4 Is it good? GrandTheftAutoSanAndreas PC
This game is AWESOME! I'm stuck on San Fierro almost done with it though. But I enter cheats to get other places. Cant get better than this. GrandTheftAutoSanAndreas PC
bad controls great story though CallOfDuty3 PS3
great game finished 7 times GunShowdown PSP

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