Moosetwik joeja69
Mar 28, 05 12:47pm
Howdy, JoeJa69.

Have yourself a super easter, and have a happy Honnukah
Dan Mumford joeja69
Mar 28, 05 5:17am
Happy Easter

As we all know, with easter, the Oompa Loompa's have to work overtime to produce the chocolate that you will be eating, The only way to get them to work harder is to beat them with barbed wire whips and belts, this makes them work almost 10 times faster than usual!
So don't forget when your eating that chocolate, the Oompa Loompa's helped make that chocolate, they put all there blood, sweat and semen into it aswell!

For a limited time only, You too, can be a part of the "Dan Mumford Almighty Oompa Loompa Army"
To sign up, send a cheque of the amount of JUST £15.99 payable to Dan Mumford send to...

Dan Mumford
Oompa Loompa Heights(no pun intended)
Willy Wonka's Factory

Alternatively, send a pm to Dan Mumford With your name and Oompa'rank and your call will be returned shorty and you shall be added to the "Dan Mumford Almighty Oompa Loompa Army" page
jespomo joeja69
Mar 27, 05 7:39am
Hey there joeja69

I thought you might enjoy this stamp so here it is

Love from jespomo
alecko91 joeja69
Feb 27, 05 1:33pm
Hey im signing your guestbook!!!!!! im really bored so thats why im doing this right now. Well i guess ill be going now cya later.
The Doggfather joeja69
Feb 9, 05 3:39am
Hey there, i aint seen you around the forums for a while but i thought ui would sign your guestbook, i see your still using the sig i made you aswell

Daisy joeja69
Dec 24, 04 10:24pm

May all your holiday dreams come true,
And warmest wishes for a
happy and prosperous New Year!