Oct 2, 07 2:00pm
Jul 17, 07 9:30pm

What a mentally spastic response.
The politically correctness police are out in full force in Mario Land. read more

Jul 17, 07 8:24pm

ummmm . . . money of course read more

Jul 17, 07 7:32pm

kids will beg and cry and kick and scream for it.

and of course, complacent parents will cave, buying their special... read more

It should have happened years ago; the release of a simple server OS for the masses. Finally, the entire family can... posted Jul 17, 07 7:27pm

Though the tone and tambour of the Simpson's music is near universal is it appeal, this one's sure to please. posted Jul 17, 07 5:53pm

Will British Columbia really start recycling old computers? A new e-waste recycling program being launched by the... posted Jul 16, 07 6:17pm

Jul 13, 07 7:00pm

So let me get this straight.

We used to have the 60GB PS3 at $599 USD
The price was cut to $499 USD
Now they're going... read more

The market was always there, though wholly neglected by major corporation's for the lack of profitability within.... posted Jul 13, 07 6:47pm

Jul 12, 07 10:39pm

it reminds me of some art project that was done in some lake next to a major city in the US. the entire structure... read more

Jul 12, 07 6:34pm

sweet, at least in conception. if they can get it to work in the real world, that would be awesome to see.

uh-oh,... read more

Jul 12, 07 6:29pm

if it's slimmer, i just might get me one.

it's also sad to see that Chewbacca has fallen on hard times. the smuggling... read more

Jul 12, 07 6:24pm

of course they're not. unless you've fashioned a couple thousand iPods into a lightning rod, you're not at any risk... read more

Scientists and astronomers have discovered about 236 extrasolar plants drifting about the darkened depths of space,... posted Jul 12, 07 6:09pm

Certainly, most of use have heard those suggestions of not playing golf, climbing a tree, or standing next to metal... posted Jul 12, 07 4:46pm

Jul 11, 07 10:37pm

gamers in china don't have to worry. it's the chinese version of WoW that's gonna get skeletal censorship, not the... read more

Jul 11, 07 10:33pm

still, that's one hell of a blender, rutning an iphone into powder. ummm, they sell those blenders for about $750... read more

Jul 11, 07 10:31pm

they're cutting costs too. they're putting too much effort into xbox live.

but it's not like they can re-build every... read more

Jul 11, 07 10:28pm

what they should have done (or might do) is couple this foot pad device with a camera and some wrist bands to track... read more

Though I haven't played it much, the Nintendo Wii and its nunchuck controller is pretty sweet. But what if Nintendo... posted Jul 11, 07 7:20pm

Yeah, we've all seen the iPhone; it's a phone, it's a portable computer, it's a web brower, it's a time machine.... posted Jul 11, 07 6:28pm

Jul 10, 07 11:52pm

Yeah, but it would be cool to fire a few of these things into a crowd, or at lest against a chain link fence to see... read more

Jul 10, 07 11:50pm

About 750 hours of standard definition porn. Maybe 250 to 350 hours of 1080p hi-def XXX.

I guess regular family... read more