DQ Maniac jjdog202
Oct 5, 04 10:17pm
Great Nosferatu jjdog202
Aug 25, 04 3:39pm
Hi ya i've seen ya on the morrowind goty forums so hi!

brieonna1993 jjdog202
Jun 7, 04 3:33am
sooo whats up? im really bored tonite! ssoooooooooooooo what are you up too? im bored and browsing the AC forums.....sooooo are you browsing them forums too? i hope we can get to be good friends!
Phantom 988 jjdog202
Jan 26, 04 10:22pm
yo, check out www.newgrounds.com oh yeah, we need you in the new RP. Oh yeah, thanks for signing my guest book.

Stupid length thingy
Chickybomag14 jjdog202
May 19, 03 4:03am
what up Muddy lol. what goin on did ya c i'm a neo newbie oh yea movin up.tell ur bro its spelt JENNY CRAIG lol!!!!!! hope to c ya soon and c ashley soon tooo. o also dude u got to find out bout holliday hill if u goin on tha same day. dude do ya got a AIM name if ya do send me it am Chickybomag14