Pokefan108 jj_101
Apr 25, 11 9:38pm
Thanks for helping me find a shop partner! You are also a very trustworthy Pokemon trader. Thanks for making Neo a better place!! I wish everyone was like you...
Eon80 jj_101
Apr 9, 11 3:14pm
Just wanted to drop in, say hi, and thank you for being such a great person to talk to Keep being the awesome person you are
Legendary Boss Hunter jj_101
Apr 4, 11 8:29pm
Your from the Unova Region...
And I get what your saying about not knowing how you don't know what to do of I haven't found Neo. You should try Cookie Dough Ice Cream, that's where it's at. I know this isn't much of a signing, but it's still a decent one.
Kaslyna jj_101
Jan 9, 09 3:20am
Hey! What's up?
I'm so bored.
Anyways, thanks for signing my guestbook earlier!
Now I'm signing yours. How's your New Year's so far?
Aside from the fact I'm sick mine's great!
Well, see you around!
patmosgurl7 jj_101
Jan 6, 09 4:12am
well u said to sign da book...sooooo.. im signing da book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (2 everyone:checkout www.camppatmos.com)
annalise jj_101
Jan 4, 09 11:20pm
oops sorry last one went wrong haha:

Hey Harvest Buddy!!! Just came to sign the guestbook I'll see you around on the forums

annalise jj_101
Jan 4, 09 11:19pm
Hey Harvest Buddy!!! Just came to sign the guestbook I'll see you around on the forums

Rainbow Gal jj_101
May 14, 07 6:24pm
I've seen you round neoseeker a bit and decided to sign your GuestBook please sign mine as well and if you want to contact me do it by neopm

Bye for now!
InuFreak jj_101
May 12, 07 4:35am
I'm signing your guestbook.
I know you're new, I looked on your profile and it seems u don't have any NeoFriends. If u want, I could be your Friend. I know you probably don't want to, but if u do, then i have a few of my NeoFriends that will gladly want to meet u. OK?