pet dreamer jimcripple
Dec 18, 07 3:08pm
I hope you have an awesome Christmas and a great New Year

Good luck with everything. Take care
pet dreamer jimcripple
Oct 18, 07 6:29am
OMG i havnt talked to u in a loooon loooong time !!!
here is my new stamp. hope to hear from u soon

Oogity_Boogity_Boo jimcripple
Jan 9, 07 10:18am

Here's my cheaply made stamp. Paint FTW!

Sorry it took so long. I hadn't checked my GB in forever.
pet dreamer jimcripple
Nov 2, 06 11:50pm
its been soooooooo long sistah lol
im sorry i havent been around but here is somethin to make it up to ya
Tenshi jimcripple
Aug 15, 06 2:45am
hey man _ I have seen you around and just thought I'd sign ya^_^ btw would you like to be friends^_^

Monkeypop jimcripple
Jul 30, 06 1:42am

Did as you asked! ^______^"

ssjgoten jimcripple
Jul 28, 06 5:55am
you gustbook is signed as i promised

hope you like it see ya!! =)
Pretty Princess jimcripple
Jul 26, 06 10:05am
Look i finally got a stamp well 2 of them do u like?

pet dreamer jimcripple
Jul 25, 06 8:54pm
sorry im not on neo very much here is something that will make it up to u!

PM me!
Black Darkness jimcripple
Jul 19, 06 8:43am
Hey jimcripple.

Just thought I'd sign your guestbook as I'm doing to a lot of peoples now.

Sign Back.

Black Darkness.
Feleon the Protector jimcripple
Jul 6, 06 3:32am
Hi jimcripple. You doing okay? Good because you are the coolest girl ever! Sorry that I don't have a stamp but here goes

Feleon the Protector

trunksluver jimcripple
Jul 6, 06 1:07am
hey!i got a new hot guy!his name is Ben!
if ur blind it says
Its a blessing to be this handsome
-Ben Susak aka my man!
He said that!!He sure is right!
Pretty Princess jimcripple
Jul 4, 06 11:48am
Hey jimcripple um...... can we be neofriends and can i be ur neosister please and u can sign my guestbook im Pretty Princess and if u agree to these questions or requests wuteva they are just PM me okay bye!!! And i'll give u a stamp when i learn how
Homunculus Lover jimcripple
Jun 29, 06 2:04am
Hope you like it! ^___^

See ya around!
ProfessorMaple jimcripple
Jun 27, 06 8:44am
Thanks for signifying my Guestbookety. You're the first! If only everyone welcomed me this way, wherever I am. Thanx. My first day posting was a blast (I'm not sure if you've read any of my posts, but it is easier than I thought it would be). I'm not all that technologically advanced (as far as Neoseeker goes) and so I'm glad someone drove the welcome wagon over here. I really appreciate it.
YoshiStar jimcripple
Jun 22, 06 2:42am
I'm finally not lazy. I can finally go on a signing guestbook spree!

You're an awesome friend. I'm glad you like the graphics I made for you. Oh, and sorry for making that mistake, and creating that banner. I guess I was tired or something.

Anyway, let's talk soon.


Your pal - Preet

dropaheart jimcripple
Jun 19, 06 9:02am
so thanx for being an awesome friend!! and for all thise great alex stamps. i think it deserves one back.

trunksluver jimcripple
Jun 17, 06 12:56am
like the new stamp?:

so many hot guys......only one me!lol
Warfire jimcripple
Jun 14, 06 12:44pm
Saw you in the forums. Lets talk sometime. I really hate the 125 character limiiimimttitmtimtitmitmti
efc fan jimcripple
Jun 13, 06 2:50am
Hey jimcripple

I don't really know you but, you signed my Guestbook and i think it's only fair if I signed back.

Yeah, hope we can also start talking.

Here's my stamp:

Talk to you soon!

efc fan
pet dreamer jimcripple
Jun 9, 06 11:59pm
look what i made! (credit goes to joke for the pics) but credit goes to ME for the sayings! hope u like them

sign back when u get a chance
Distortion jimcripple
Jun 8, 06 5:11am
...You never know when one is gonna smack you upside the head!

See you around, JC!


gmcbfan jimcripple
Jun 7, 06 3:43am
Hi,just signging back!!You're a great neofriend and I hope we can keep talking!!Se ya!!!!!

(credit goes to megatron)
Citizen Erased jimcripple
Jun 4, 06 7:56am
I finally made a stamp!

Thanks for signing mine.
YoshiStar jimcripple
Jun 3, 06 12:05am
Hey! I thought I'd sign your guestbook!