windowlicker jespomo
May 28, 05 4:08am
hey man, i want to wish you good luck on marrying crazy daisy. but the thing is im not sure she's the bisexual type. anyway i really want you to get married to her, heheh.
May 26, 05 10:44pm
hi i was just wondering if u know how to use mta or all seeing eye please help me cause i just downloaded it and i have no clue on how to use it i heard that it lets you play gta vice city live well if u can get bak to me on this ttyl
Dragon King7777 jespomo
May 24, 05 7:32am
Hey jespomo. Thanks for requesting the NFS: Most Wanted forum and thanks for answering my questions.
Heres a viper fore you.

Sign back if you can.
bad ass jespomo
May 23, 05 9:44pm
Hey Jess, Im leaving you a SeXy stamp, Get back to me sooner.
Quetzalcoatl jespomo
May 22, 05 2:43am
Te quiero,
te amo,
te odio,
te espero,
te puteo,
te beso,
te doy verga,
te abrazo,
te acarisio,
te lambo,
pero sobre todo, te cojo

WiLkO10 jespomo
May 21, 05 2:34pm
Hey!! seen ya round the Moto GP4 Forum..jus fort id sign ya GB................................................
See ya Around
Miles P jespomo
May 11, 05 12:35am

have a stamp


miles p
static_puzzle jespomo
May 8, 05 10:58pm
Hello my new friend! w00t. Anyways, here is my stamp:

Please stamp/sign back.
FenriZ 666 jespomo
May 7, 05 7:20pm
[div align=center]

Witness greatness under the form of crystaline post orgasmic exhuberation

Face the BDK and its one true Hellio

FenriZ - Korporate Leader & Tyrant Syndicate Advocator
Angyles Cerddoriaeth jespomo
May 6, 05 7:51pm
You whore, taking all the men in the chat...that is my job damnit! Stop it now!
You know I love you ^_~
Manwag jespomo
May 3, 05 3:46am
this is miles p ... you know miles p dont jespomo ? anyway some of my stamps

girly stamps ^^

Miles P
x x x x x

even though it says manwag ... although its miles p

miles p
x x x x x
SunnyDelight jespomo
May 2, 05 12:50am
Thanks for signing my guestbook! I`ll sign yours!
Fecal Monster jespomo
May 1, 05 5:16am
'Tis I! Fecal Monster! AHOY! Here to bring you tiddings of joy, imbecile! ROAR! ROAR! ROAR! I'm a Brotasaurus! Get out of the way before I eat your leafy plant-like material! IMBECILE! DIE! DIE! DIE!

Fecal Monster.

Dan_bug jespomo
Apr 30, 05 3:20am

The field "Guestbook Entry" does not meet the minimum length of 125 characters. Now it does..
Kay C jespomo
Apr 26, 05 10:50pm
Long time no talk ;o

Well this is just the start to a couple of signings i owe you, thanks for remembering my birthday, it was great. Too bad i wasn't on for it.

Anyway C U Around
Toddy2hottie jespomo
Apr 26, 05 4:04am
Well that should take care of teh 125 limit! Dude you suck why wit teh bunnies man why wit teh bunnies!??!
HBK619 jespomo
Apr 25, 05 2:58pm
You should feel so honoured, this is the only guestbook I've signed in like 2 weeks. And to top it off, the best stamp ever made.

Go to the link for plently of erotic excitement, we may have had some good msn convos, but nothing tops this
Miles P jespomo
Apr 24, 05 1:45am

girly stamp from a girly person
tee hee hee

Miles P
x x x x x

but seriously, im a dude
rockhole jespomo
Apr 23, 05 6:31pm

There was a point to it all.

-Box Credit - Droid-
ghost661 jespomo
Apr 23, 05 2:50pm
I think i got it this time. Enjoy:)

The one and only great MASTER CHIEF!
The Crossface jespomo
Apr 22, 05 9:57pm
Bonjour Monsiour Bacon,

Je m'appelle The Crossface.

WTF... Sorry about that...

You done me so now I'm doing you!


You have been signed.
Daisy jespomo
Apr 19, 05 9:26pm

Here's to making it count!

Yeah, so my recent Hakkai obsession is reaching insane limits,
so I figured I would try to work out some of my issues by posting
his face all over Neo...
FFX Fanatic jespomo
Apr 19, 05 2:21pm
I see you all high and mighty that you are now! I made you what you are 2day and i can take it away....remember that...ok!

damn this minimum length thing it's so bloody annoying
Darth Revan jespomo
Apr 19, 05 7:47am
thanks for signinh my GB, heres a stamp but i know its not as sexxxy as your stamp.

Many members have asked that you do not just "stamp" their guestbook. Some prefer to have meaningful, more personal messages added to a stamp, and we encourage you to try these! Stamping is not bad, but adding a nice message makes the signing more memorable for the recipient.
uhh sure, j00 make me feel h0tzors11!1
bibbity jespomo
Apr 18, 05 4:53am
Juts signing yuor quest book back. You have an odd easter stamp BTW.