firebird_360 jespomo
Sep 24, 05 5:13am
hi, thanks for welcoming me to the driver 4 forum. i thought i'd sign your guestbook.

sign back if you want.

Chobi jespomo
Sep 23, 05 2:50pm
How long have we known each other? It's been more than a year now for sure. I was just thinking about how far we've come since we first met. It also looks like you're stuck with me for a long time! Haha, I wouldn't have it any other way.

~ Love Angiemozigillidilllionz

Hybrid jespomo
Sep 19, 05 1:00am
Random Signing 3.4

Hello, this is just me on another random signing spree ^^

Well, actually I came here to show off my new stamp >=3


Well, talk to you later
BigRedMachine jespomo
Sep 16, 05 8:33pm
I didn't even given you a proper congrats on your birthday in your guestbook?!
Lord, what is I gonna do?!

Well, I guess I'll be doing a very VERY late congrats to our favorite forum jespomo now, eh?



HIFK jespomo
Sep 15, 05 6:01pm
Sorry for the late 'Happy Birthday' wishings but I did wish you 'Happy Birthday' on MSN but you weren't there! Well I'm here to sign your guestbook and congratualate you for becoming one year older!

HaPPy BiRthDaY!!!!11!!!CAPSLOCK ON111!!!
Satokasu Suki jespomo
Sep 14, 05 1:25am


I hope you have a great birthday. ^^ Talk to you soon, hopefully!
Chobi jespomo
Sep 13, 05 9:47pm
I already signed earlier, so I might as well sign on the day too! Wewt, that's so awesome you're 18 now. Now you can do all the kick ass stuff that 18 year olds do. Like...stuff. xD Anyways, happy birthday!!! <33

Homunculus Lover jespomo
Sep 13, 05 6:20pm
I never noticed the random crap you filled up for your introduction to your guest book signing. ^^;;

Anyway, you stinky posh lad you.

I found the second picture and thought I just had to put it up.

Seeing as you're borin because you don't drink or don't do anything, I thought I'd wish you a happy birthday anyway. Be sure to do something at least fun on your 18th, Robby.

Have a good time, you better have checked your e-mails and oh yeah, I got one more surprise for you.

See ya later. ^^
Im gay with jespomo jespomo
Sep 11, 05 2:44am
I love you so very much.
Xel jespomo
Sep 6, 05 4:41pm

YAYAYAY wha CHANG!!!1 for you! I thought to myself, why not go on a spree?
wha CHANG!!! iz tha greatest saying since Roffling a Woffle too!

From my favorite turtle and yours,

DARRELX jespomo
Sep 6, 05 7:14am
Make you thirsty?

It sure as hell makes me want to drink.
How ya doing?
Chobi jespomo
Sep 4, 05 8:39am
I know it's not until the 13th, but I really wanted to give this to you now. The scanner cut off a little bit of it too. Hopefully you can read it. It's also really giant, so I'll link to it.Anyways, happy 18th birthday Robbeh! <3

I love Chobi jespomo
Aug 30, 05 2:31pm
I hope you realize that Angela is MY favourite. She loves ME, and eventually she's going to marry ME! She's the most precious thing on Earth to me, and I would never ever give her up to anyone or for anything. My love for her is unconditional.

- Mike

themanof_concepcion jespomo
Aug 27, 05 1:29pm
999? have a stamp jespomo, chobi love you long time:P
monkey_ninjas316 jespomo
Aug 24, 05 4:50am
Saw you in the GTA:SA forum and I felt like signing your guestbook. Hopefully I will see you more around the forums and if you get the online GTA mod I would be more then happy to own you =) I Don't have a fancy stamp so you will just have to settle with this. Cya l8erz!

Pick a number 1 to 1000. If you get it right, I'll sign back
is it 16?
Chobi jespomo
Aug 18, 05 12:02pm
I came innocently over to your guestbook and now I have been corrupted! *LE GASP!*

Wow it's a fight that ended up turning into a bowtie! MAY I TRY IT ON PLZ

Omg Robbeh is a hawtttttieeee!
black ied peas jespomo
Aug 17, 05 11:45pm
I'm just signing some guestbooks right now so I hope you like this stamp!!!

Bill Cosby is going to desperate measures to get his jello!!!
Captain Charisma jespomo
Aug 17, 05 9:06pm
You OWN3D Zero Tolerance in Smackdown VS Raw 2006 I still remember though when you april fooled me over Loungin shutting down. Cya around Jes!

Daisy jespomo
Aug 17, 05 12:03am

You used to love me, but I see that your head has been turned by all the newer models... that's ok, I understand... *sniff*
Hellrazor jespomo
Aug 15, 05 12:55pm

New Stampy.

The Poker King has just passed you by...
Homunculus Lover jespomo
Aug 12, 05 10:07pm
Heh heh heh. You said I wouldn't find you and get you Rob, and yet....Mwhahaha! GOT YA!

Gotcha! I went easy on you...this time.
ChRisSy_1 jespomo
Aug 10, 05 5:51am
Hey jespomo i've realized i haven't signed your g-book back so here's a stamp from me, because i think you are just...

Harvest Moon girl jespomo
Aug 8, 05 3:29am
Colors make Guestbook entries so much fun. Signing cause I'm leaving tomorrow so I won't be seeing you for a while.
*hugs* When I come back you sooooo need to tell me all about your vacation.

Say the word out loud. It's an orgasmic experience. XDDD

True dat! =3

God I miss you soo much. =[ I need a guy friend that will listen to me bitch about girly things. Like my period . You're like the close metrosexual friend that really isn't metrosexual that I never had. =[ XD

This is what I got after annoying Mr.foxshy so much he had to make me an image.

=O That's what happens when MSN takes over your mind. It's very contageous too...LIKE YOUR COOTIES!!! IT TOOK ME 2 WEEKS TO BE ABLE TO GET RID OF THEM!!!! EVERYONE BUT ANGIE BABE WUZ AFRAIDERS!!!

Well I need to start packing so I'll leave you with a quote or two...or SOME PICK UP LINES YAY
Hi, I need your help! My mom says that if I don't get a date by tomorrow,
she's putting me up for adoption.
Hi, I'm Batman. Wanna see my batmobile?
How is your fever? [you-What fever?] Oh... you just look hot to me.
How much did it cost? (you-What?) The surgery that made you so hot!
I believe that it was Socrates who opined, "Know thyself." Well, I already
know myself, how about I get to know you?
I can read palms. {write your # on their hand} Oooh it says your gonna call
me soon!

God these are amusing

Random Tombstones: John Yeast - "Pardon me for not rising."
"I told you I was sick!!!"
"Here lies Lotta Dust"
"Here lies Jonathan Blake, Stepped on the gas, Instead of the brake."
"Here lies an Atheist, All dressed up and no place to go."

Tonester wuz hurr <3

Bill_Cozby jespomo
Aug 4, 05 3:22am
It's beyond me why people consider you "popular" You are really not funny. The only people who see you as funny are the ones who are suckups to members so they can act cool themselfs. The homosexual crap wasnt funny you bolding peice of chit. Die
bl3nd3r jespomo
Aug 2, 05 12:58pm

Actual bl3nd3rvill3 resident quote:

"Famous bl3nd3rville resident? Wow, that's a good question! We do in fact have all of those famous residents traveling along with the World Famous Burtos & Kohlner's Amazing Circus! Like Malcon Fatumas only has 5 fingers! How weird is that huh? "