Celestial_Sunfire jespomo
Apr 1, 11 5:30pm
Celes.. Has come BACK to Jesporno's guestbook. No really, I just realized I haven't signed anyones in a couple years, and you were my selected seeker. Feel priv'd and special and all that jazz.
Schteven jespomo
Jan 24, 11 6:20am
Howdy there!

I should start off with a congrats on the Modship lol Never thought i'd see the day but well done all the same!

Anyway, I'm on a one man mission to bring back the hype that was guestbook signings back in the day!

Consider yourself now included as you are obligated to sign back

Schteven jespomo
Jan 6, 11 7:02pm
Just thought I'd wish you a happy new year haha!

I had forgotten about neoseeker till this morning when I was looking around for info on Gran Turismo 5 muahaha!

Excalibur jespomo
Apr 21, 09 3:01am
oh..nvm i can, this feature isnt disabeled yet .__.

oh, hi, um say yes to jes? uh...


yeah, ima go now..<3
Harvest Moon girl jespomo
Dec 26, 08 12:02pm

I don't know how often you check these or if you do at all, but I just wanted to stop by and wish you a merry Christmas. If you're Christian, that is. If you happen to be Jewish, Muslim, an Atheist, practice a different faith, or are simply a grinch, well, I hope you have happy holidays or, if you'd prefer, I hope you have a satisfactory, non-denominational capitalist wintertime gift-giving season!

Your guestbook greeting greatly reflects on my personality, hahaha. To this day, I still smile at both your greeting and your profile. It's because I love you so much, I guess.

Robabe, I hope you had a terrific Christmas, even if you didn't manage to be as much of a ladies lady as I am. It's hard to beat me, I know, but I suppose some people need dreams, right? Oh, well, next time I'll make sure the henchmen put up a better fight to make the mugging more realistic.

I just wanted to say that you, Robert _______, are the lightbulb of my room and the plate of my dinner. Without you by my jolly side, I wouldn't have nearly half as much fun as I do. Seriously speaking now, Rob you are by far one of the greatest people I've met due to this site and are really one of the reasons why I bother coming on anymore. It's funny too because we never converse on neo anymore haha, it's all done through facebook. Thank god for the wonders of facebook though.

I just wanted to come in here and say that you really mean a lot to me. I know I don't say it a lot especially since we're usually just messing around. And even though we're usually joking around, I know that if I ever needed someone to talk to, you'd be among the first people I'd try to contact to get advice or an opinion, or maybe even just to simply talk to someone. Seriously, thank you for always being there for all these years.

Oh my god, Robabe, it's 11 pm and I'm *bleep*ING FREEEEZIIING. I'm actually having trouble typing because my hands are shaking, XDD. *bleep* 11 PM?!?! AHH, I HAVE TO FINISH THE LAST COUPLE OF ENTRIIIES, NOOOOOO!!!!

Best wishes for 2009 and the years to follow!

Love always,
Antonia, your favorite Tonester ever

Miles P jespomo
Sep 29, 08 5:17am
yea man!
i knew this kid
tried a 360
busted his head man
busted his head

Summer talk. the kinda talk you hear in the summer...kids getting hurt on bikes!!!
Harvest Moon girl jespomo
Sep 14, 08 4:32am
I'd like to take a minute just sit right there and I'll tell you how I made an awesome right up for the subject title. Yeah, I bet I tricked you into believing that I was going to go off an sing the Fresh Prince of Bell-Air theme song. BUT I JUST TOTALLY HOODWINKED YOU...EXCEPT THERE WERE NO ANIMATED CHARACTERS INVOLVED! No little old, hardcore grannies were harmed in the making of this guestbook entry.

I am here because I am honored-bound as your friend to wish you a very jolly 21st anniversary of your day of birth. Robabe, I hope you had a fantastic time and here's to another year of awesome facebook PMs and random MSN conversations concerning one liner question marks and their friends. Sooo:

It is now time for me to take out all those Home Videos you've hidden from me for such a long time and rehash on thy awesome Childy-hood.

Once upon a time, there lived a woman who had a name and was, surprisingly, not a man. That woman would come to be known as "Jespomo's mother" and actually have two children. However, the world would only know of dear Roberta Pomo's existence for the younger brother never showed his face on the world of the seekers of Neo (the Matrix character and the 21st first century version of "Where's Waldo?").

Jespomo's childhood could be and should be discussed by child psychiatrists from all over the world for it seemed that he was interested in the world of da internet of da strangers for far too long. Jespomo seemed to have developed a desire to whore himself out on the internet in random forums and developed a bit of an exhibitionist side.

Fortunately, however, Jespomo decided to turn his attentions elsewhere. Namely, towards mastering the art of ninja turtlehood. He trained for milliseconds every day, hoping to one day reach the awe-inspiring level of "m00berator".

Once he realized that he had beaten the game of LIFE (the Neoseeker edition, of course), Jespomo decided to e-stir things up. He promoted a new kind of sexual orientation, turning many straight members Jespomo-curious. Jessy's multiple sex changes (along with his more subtle name changes, namely Jessica Pomo and Roberta Pomo) confused the Neo community as a whole.

Out of NOWHERE (the town located right about Factory Land in the South pacific, as we all know), a complete stranger dressed in rags asked:

Jespomo did not recognize the assertive stranger but he could sense from it a magical power very much like that of Strawberry Shortcake! He feared that the stranger would be like a mix of a Bratz doll and Strawberry shortcake and so decided to risk his life by denying the stranger. The stranger then replied with:

Shocked to discover that there was another person just like him, Jessy Pomo immediately changed his mind. It was rather fortunate that he did because the stranger turned out to be none other than Antonia, the awesome Colombian friend Robbeh had befriended nearly five years before!

Alright, there's enough of that. Much love, Robbeh.

Love always,
Tonester your favorite Toaster.

Harvest Moon girl jespomo
Dec 26, 07 3:58am
Before I write the actual message of this signing, let me tell you my revelation! Christmas= Christ and mas. As in Mass without an extra s?!?! Omg, is it subliminally telling people that on Christmas, they should go to mass to truly experience Christ? No wonder, it's one of the two times in the entire year that most people choose to go! The other being Easter, of course. But that's more for the sake of hoping they'll go up to hea-van fo sho like Jesus.

I just came back from mass and I don't have much to say, amazingly. I'd spam it up (err...love...yeah, love it up) with random images, but that's too newbish, even for me. So I'll only spam it a little. (H) Especially with innuendos!

I'll whip you into a verbal frenzy alright. *nudge nudge*

I know you're jealous. You wish you were cool enough to shower naked as well.

And now for the holiday image:

I LOVE HOLIDAY BINGING! And then the anorexic fun that follows! However, as we both know, I am not norm and choose not to follow the norm (norm...haha), therefore I do not starve myself at all! Hurray!

Love for eva,

Breeze jespomo
Dec 24, 07 10:34pm

Aya Chan jespomo
Dec 8, 07 3:13pm

Lmao at you still having the same guestbook message.
How long ago did Toni and I put that up now?
It has to have been at LEAST two years.

Anyway, have a great holiday...
And don't gain 9372873188 pounds from Christmas dinner (I know I will!)
Harvest Moon girl jespomo
Dec 3, 07 8:34am
Dude, when the eff did you become the mod of all the forums that actually matter? I leave neo for six months (although it wasn't done on purpose, I just lost pretty much all interest in it), and it's all change-ified.

Anywhoo, I didn't get in trouble for ruining the wheel, or at least not yet anyway. I just wanted to leave a loving message for one of my least favorite favorite people ever.
bumbum1 jespomo
Sep 29, 07 6:35am
yo ho ho im cool, and hi so wats up hope ur doing well but im gonna go now seeya later aligator lmao ok so byeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!
Sep 17, 07 1:04pm
i cant belive i am signing jespomo`s guestbook .

hello mate your are well cool.

i pick number 468
Will jespomo
Sep 11, 07 9:01pm
Signed. Sealed. Delivered.

Keep up the sexy time x
Q22 jespomo
Jun 24, 07 5:37am
Is it 589?                                                                                                          
sten mk II jespomo
May 2, 07 2:55am
this is too the person below me

tot he left, to the left.

how about 999?
Breeze jespomo
Apr 28, 07 4:54pm
I'm on my annual signing spree!

Satokasu Suki jespomo
Apr 19, 07 8:43am

Remember me? Omgggg you finally became moderator of Loungin', eh? Congrats, that's great!

Take care! I hope all is well with you; we haven't talked in months!
Lethargy jespomo
Mar 28, 07 4:32am
I'm in such great shock at the moment. Oh, I'm no longer grounded, but I have exams this week, so I won't be on much. Hopefully, I'll be on more after that and talk to you. Phil and Shane were just talking to me about your modness, and I'm in complete *bleep*ing shock.


Super Hero jespomo
Mar 9, 07 2:55am
Just wanted to say that you have been making a good job of Loungin' So I thought I would sign your GB.


Tehuti jespomo
Feb 28, 07 9:45pm
When I'm through with you, you'll be found dead in your garage.


The field "Guestbook Entry" does not meet the minimum length of 125 characters
Deathsythe jespomo
Feb 23, 07 7:42am
<jes>Deathsythe, you've been reported for posting a picture containing a confederate flag XD

rofl, that was great. Thanks for having my back on that.


The L Thing jespomo
Feb 21, 07 2:40am
Aya Chan jespomo
Feb 19, 07 2:19pm
Normally I don't go around stamping everyone's guestbooks, but today can be an exception.

Personal message for Jessica Pomo: I EET YUU! Btw, it rocks that you still have the same greeting message.

Slacker jespomo
Feb 16, 07 7:18pm
last night i accidentally cut myself with a pencil on my ass because i was sitting on it and thought that it wols give me SEX powers