Vv jeremy825
Aug 10, 04 2:30am
hey there! i just felt like signing your guest book...........
well then, ciya laters,

curses! the darn 125 characters entry gb thingy!!!!!! aggurh!!!!
Gamer Lord jeremy825
May 8, 04 6:05pm
Hi! Thanks for dueling me and signing my guestbook.
Do you know this image?
Gamer Lord jeremy825
May 8, 04 6:04pm
Hi! Thanks for dueling me and signing my guestbook.
Do you know this image?
Harvest Moon girl jeremy825
Mar 18, 04 1:18am
Hi im one of the few girls that go to the Yugioh Falsebound Kingdom so i wanted to say hii
Please sign my guestbook

slifer the black dra jeremy825
Mar 15, 04 3:04am
Just thought I signed your guestbook I knew you for a long time and decide to sign your book have many happy postings and try not to get yourself banned.

Signed by slifer the black dra (Neoseeker's Mafia)
Winged Dragon of Ra jeremy825
Feb 7, 04 10:59pm
Hey, jeremy. yeah, wiscosin. LOL. well, just wanted to sign your guestbook. stay cool, okay.

I'm living in Massachusetts at the time, but i'll visit someday. *i'm starting to sound like a stalker now.*

Winged Dragon of Ra
SerialZero jeremy825
Feb 5, 04 9:36pm
Hey Jeremy, thanks for signing my guestbook! Glad I could help out with Sim City 2000, and I'm happy to see that somebody besides me plays it a lot. The forum for it is almost empty! Take care, dude. Later!
obelisk69 jeremy825
Jan 11, 04 5:39am
hey i just thought that i would sign your guestbook as my way of saying thank you. i hope you consider me one of your neofriends.


Vv jeremy825
Dec 8, 03 5:45am
sup?!!!! nothing much to say...see you in the yu-gi-oh false bound kingdom threads etc.....well ciya laters then!!!
neo7 jeremy825
Oct 29, 03 12:37pm

you have been signed by neo7
please sign bac

good luck my friend
neo7 jeremy825
Oct 9, 03 6:09pm
hi ive seen you in the final fanstay 7 forum good luck man please sign my gb bac please

like the banner
Hugothemaster jeremy825
Sep 12, 03 12:15pm
Curse that image,it got me banned from the Lougin,well here goes:
Ito Yury jeremy825
Aug 13, 03 11:55pm
I have seen you around the Final Fantasy 7 forum so I'm here to sign your guestbook.

Always good to see a Final Fantasy 7 fan! Hope to talk to you in the forums! And if you have time sign me too.
Shaun Luver jeremy825
Aug 9, 03 2:53pm
Hey. You probably don't even know who I am but I've seen you around the Loungin' and I figured I'd sign your guestbook. Hope you do the same.

-Shaun Luver AKA jaded_hawaii/Charlene
Dark Strike jeremy825
Aug 1, 03 10:48am
Hehehehe! I signed your guestbook! And your guestbook couldn't do a thing about it! It couldn't say "No, please don't sign me, no get off me please stop...." Never mind.

Okay, hope we can be friends. See you at the Animal Crossing forum!
Angel Blade jeremy825
Jul 31, 03 7:35am
Did you know that rhymes? Anywways whats up? Oh, ha, you can't answer!! Jk. You sure play AC alot, and provide alot of very useful information. AND I OWE YOU FOR INSPIRING ME TO GET BACK AND PLAY AC AGAIN!!! Wahhhhh! *Cries* Morning Aerobics are awesome don't you think? LoL, tilt up up, then down down, now tilt it down, then do a full rotation, now the other way. Now tilt upper left, upper right. Cha cha tra la la^.^

~ Confuzzled ~

Angel Blade 27
(this signature is worth a million dollars in real life:P)
Gamera jeremy825
Jul 31, 03 5:22am
Whats up man, hope we can be neofriends. I'll
see ya around the Animal Crossing forum. BTW you can pm me if you want to talk.

Catch ya later!
kioko17 jeremy825
Jul 28, 03 2:06am
Got your message! Thanks for you compliment!

Luv ya!


I'm Cute! Baby!