Little Miss Magic jeff had
Dec 30, 03 11:48am

Just called by to say Happy Birthday! Even though you probably won't find this for a while, hope you had a good one, click on the stamp! ^^

LMM xox
Hammie jeff had
Oct 26, 03 9:47am
Anybody who likes Linkin Park is cool to me!

Tres jeff had
Aug 28, 03 9:08am

It's the end...What will you do now?.........
Y2K jeff had
Jul 4, 03 1:12am
Though u signed mine ages ago I'm sorry I didn't signed yours
So here I am signing ur guestbook.........
By the way ur're a Cm fan right????
the known unknown jeff had
May 1, 03 9:11am

the known unknown jeff had
May 1, 03 9:10am

the known unknown jeff had
May 1, 03 9:08am

the known unknown jeff had
May 1, 03 9:01am
hey Jeff i'm just signing back, thanks for signing my guest book
here are some smilies:
_puke _puke _puke _puke _puke _puke _puke _puke
_puke _puke _puke _puke _puke _puke _puke _puke
_puke _puke _puke _puke _puke _puke _puke _puke
_puke _puke _puke _puke _puke _puke _puke _puke
Demon Goddess jeff had
Mar 23, 03 1:50pm
*signs* Well it's more of *signing* Yeah whatever lol well glad you liked one of my banners, I personally didn't really like that banner too much but then again I am really critical on myself and I talk to much so yeah sup home dawg?!?! Yeah that ain't cool so I guess I'll cya lata (not so weird lets hope)

Lauren ^-^
richy_rich60 jeff had
Mar 21, 03 4:25am
hey man, im glad you like your neohome youve got it all ready and waiting you still need to add more to it... but for now its pretty cool im hoping youll use it...

oh well ill be here if you want anything else...

richard aka
Joe_The_Greebo jeff had
Mar 17, 03 8:52am
hey, i thought i would sign ure guestbook.. ill see u round cm ya.?

and remember...(¯`·.__.·`¯)»Tén¢}{ú 3 - Wrát}{ ()F }{ÉávEn RúLz« ! ! ! ! (¯`·.__.·`¯)
Guezz whoez back jeff had
Mar 9, 03 5:10am
Hey man i am sorry i replied late but here i am signing ur geust book. Thanxs for signing my guest book! And if the info u put in ur profile is correct then that means we are both 13 yearz old!

C ya later buddy
ps u were the first person ever to sign my guest book!
Jimmy Da Git jeff had
Mar 3, 03 6:29pm

You signed mine, now I've signed yours.
Take it easy mate, and I'll see you in CM4!

PS. Glory Glory Man United

Fevernova03 jeff had
Feb 26, 03 4:06pm
Bah! Fine I'll sign:|
Ah...well, what is there to say?
I would stamp, but I accidently deleted it off Imagestation and I'm too lazy to upload again:LAUGH:
seeker jeff had
Feb 25, 03 6:59am
hey there, if you havent noticed, im from Singapore too...and moreover, i found out that ur a man u fan...well, im a man u fan too!!!, i know that you hardly know me and i hardly know you, but i'm just bored and signed a few ppl's guestbooks...hehe good luck in wadeva u do and man u rox!!

Dues seeker Leonex
cool3Dman jeff had
Feb 16, 03 11:57pm
Uh, I thought you already knew. I'm not a Singaporean! I'm your next-door-country-neighbour, foo. I post in that thread because there're no people with the same nationality as me in Neo. Bleh. I hope you don't mind, because everything seems to be in a good condition. =P

Since I'm already here, might as well sign your guestbook. ^_~ You always sound like a cool kid, don't you think it's better if we could get to know each other better? Yelah. Mengikatkan silturrahim. =P Nothing personal. Heheh. All the best bro.

Azel jeff had
Feb 15, 03 4:34am

Sorry mate, I hope that doesn't upset you too much, but well, what can I say? Take it easy man.

STrIdEY jeff had
Feb 13, 03 9:39pm
LOL...I don't check my guestbook much so I didn't know you signed mine.It was dated January 24 and look at the date now...Hmm,what else to say??Anyway,guess I will be seeing you around.
SoSolidSnake jeff had
Feb 11, 03 12:12pm
Hi, i just thought id repay the favour mate!!

I see you around the football/cm forums a lot, but not as much as i used to! Get it sorted mate!

Anyway, speak to you soon, SoSolidSnake
Alex Ferguson jeff had
Feb 9, 03 11:15am
I noticed you signed my guestbook so as you requested i am returning the favor,see ya around mate,just one thing to request,can you change the team that you support,please!!!!
Liete jeff had
Feb 7, 03 8:28pm
Thanks for signing my guestbook....... Thats nice of u too.........

My friend introduce me to the asia forums......... So I juz kinda posted there.......... Anyway... See u around too

Cookie jeff had
Feb 2, 03 10:57am
Just looking through my guestbook and I noticed that you signed it so I thought I would return the favour.

You are a valuable member of Neo and I am proud to call you my friend.

C'ya around bud
Stretton jeff had
Jan 31, 03 2:52pm
Hi thanks for signing my guest book sorry I did't sign yours earlia I don't cheak my guest book much anyways Im signing it now

Ian Wright is king jeff had
Jan 31, 03 10:59am
I've seen you around in the footie forum and just thought I'd sign your guestbook and remind you of the legend that is Ian Wright.

185 goals
288 games
Ian Wright is King
LordMaChao jeff had
Jan 30, 03 7:17pm
Well I hope you heard good stuff about me. Wait... Is there any thing bad? Well thanks for signing my guestbook even though I have no idea who you are. Meh, whada ya going to do... Anyway, maybe I'll see you around.

Be honored for you're in the presense of a Ma Chao picture!