Heyy!! I've seen you round The Sims 2 Forum quite a bit, and I decided to sign your guestbook. Well, I guess it's time to stamp:

BAAMM!! Hope you like it!

Hiya, thanks for signing my guestbook. Can I add you on myspace? If that's OK? Also, wht do you mean about chavs and preps fitting into the category?
Thanks for signing my Guestbook. And I'd love to be Neofriends!

Well, I guess I'll see you around. If you ever want to chat, just PM me. Bye!
(I should have signed back a while ago, but I didn't have the time)

Hey dude!
Sorry I'm signing again, but you did reach 999,999 coins in the Richest Thief thread and I have decided that anyone who reaches that magic number deserves a special guestbook signing for the occasion! Well done and thank you for participating!

Seek on!
Hey there, congrats on topping my Sly 3 Richest Thief leaderboard!

On a more depressing note I seem to have misplaced those cookies I mentioned...
They were last seen entering my mouth!!!
well....you said if someone signs you guest book you will add them as a friend...so add me!!!!!i am currently adding you...
its about time i was able to sign your guestbook

well here yah go

Thanks for signing my book, glad I can help.