Artirtico jbh
Dec 25, 11 6:04am
DarshD jbh
Nov 15, 11 6:04pm

Happy Birth Day, dear, Jerry!
May you be Blessed & awesome throughout this year. I love you & you are one of my best friends online
No matter what happens I'll never forget you.
And sorry if I did something wrong, I won't do anything like it, I swear to God

Love you, respect you, Like brothers,
Yours dear friend & fan,
Artirtico jbh
Dec 25, 10 5:21pm

Hiya! Hope you have a great Christmas; eat too much good food, get lost in mountains of wrapping paper and have fun playing the same meaningless yet hysterical party games over and over again xD

Cheers! and happy new year!
thewar223 jbh
Apr 24, 10 5:30am
you are the allied forces side
not really but you can you can be on the war 223 when it happens just joking:) why would i start a war im just playin around
fairygrl jbh
Apr 3, 10 3:08pm
holla, playa<3
what you doinggggg?
hows life been treating you?

lol u made me laugh
you were all
"mah biatch"
good times.
i miss talkin to ya!
hit me up