So, the beta registration has begun and the beta itself is only just around the corner. Should you get in, what are you planning on doing first?- Checking out the new interface- Messing around with Dual WieldingAre both top priorities for me, assumin...

I'm not even had man drinks man.
Got to hang out with Tobuscus today :D
Only God Forgives looks *bleep*ing sublime.
All Jay-Z's problems have been undone by his brother, Ctrl-Z.
Pacific Rim. Why. HOW DID YOU *bleep* IT UP DINOSAURS FIGHTING MECHS! I just ah...bu......I need to go lie down, hold me.
Die Antwoord need to release a new album.
demonfurby re very molest n stupid
Fok Julle Naaiers.
i choo choo choos u
The secret to being a witty friend, is to be a smart idiot.
Maybe one day people will put the same amount of effort they've been putting into arguing about DRM into demanding more creative games.
Remember when The Punisher teamed up with Eminem?
Everyone look at DedValve's wonderful sig, isn't it wonderful?
Remember when Spiderman gave Mary Jane cancer with his radioactive spunk?
Remember when Superman, Batman, and Spiderman went and fought an indian midget wizard ?
So, what's so great about Titanfall again?
Don't judge your insides by other people's outsides.
No puedo esperar para el xbox juan ^-^^_^_^_^_^^_^_^_^_ :):):):):
A lot of shit I could never see myself using, big surprise.


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