Ha, I never signed anyone's guestbook before so I figured I'd hit yours first since you answered my first question on neo lol.
Yo man Ive been hitting peoples guestbooks and I couldnt just pass on yours. Keep on rockin with the RMXP shizzle ^__^ meow! *adds as friend*
I haven't spoken too you bearly (or perhaps at all for that matter) but its always entertaining watching how you manage to keep a forum interesting with your madcap personality (the madcap thing was mean't in a good way, by the way).

Plus you like Tales, which is even better.

Don't let the madness die! ~~ Lost Rider
Canderson here. I've seen you in the Tales of Symphonia forum and you seem like a pretty cool guy.

Hope to see you around in the forums.
See ya!
Can't help but noticing that you have pi worked out to 89 decimal places. Well some one has gotten to 1million dp. Top that, bitch! (lol)

merry christmas from the master of ff7