The Groove Master janna1
Apr 29, 09 11:35am
19 years old

play runescape

thats all there is there isnt anymore

*cough* PLAY RUNESCAPE!?!?!!?

Bio is a little outdated, but you could fix that come back
cheatingrox janna1
Aug 17, 08 1:24am
You crazy dude, lol... anyway read your emails and I though I might restamp you... =)

I need to type here and be random so it lets me enter this =)
Necros janna1
Aug 05, 08 1:41am
hi i be spamming your guestbook. do you like spam? i sure don't! i like you. spam bad jo good
jo way good.

cheatingrox janna1
Jul 22, 08 4:30am
You deserve more than two signings, how about 3! Lol, nice Rs char, can I borrow it for a while? Lol... I'm your pet cockroach
You're my... as some people say, obsession... but I'm not really
Kiba344 janna1
Feb 05, 08 4:22am
I think you book has been untouched if not then ignore this message and enjoy this HUGE stamp.

Necros janna1
Jan 21, 08 9:41am
No one had broken in your guestbook so I am doing the honor. Welcome to neoseeker baby, enjoy your stay. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3