Currently playing on my iPod:
Toby Keith
Linkin Park
Kenny Chesney
Joe Nichols
Brad Paisley(I think)
Dashboard Confessional
Duncan Sheik
John Michael Montgomery
Darryl Worley
Keith Urban (male vocalist of the year)
LeeAnn Womack
Counting Crows
Clint Black
My NeoFriends:
Jeez, do i have any?
Oh, ummm....
Ishilar04, I guess, he's pretty fun to hang around with.
My current operating system:
Mac OS 10.2.8
Favorite games: Fire Emblem, Fire Emblem Sacred Stones, GoldenSun: TLA,
Favorite Book: Shogun by james Clavell
Favorite Movie: Pirates of the caribbean
Favorite Comic Strip: Pearls Before Swine


I LOOOOOVE to play soccer.
I like to type up HTML, make up new tags and see what they do, listen to my iPod, put new software on my computer, etc.
Making fun of stuff is a favorite of mine, too.


      Cheese is tasty and nutritious.
        Like your mom.
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Review: Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories - this game is possibly the best game ever made!!!

Dec 21, 2004

Well. Everybody keeps hating on the games like Kingdom hearts Chain of memories and Fable because they are "too short". Yeah, well Fable and Kingdom hearts are two of the best games ever made for their respective systems. Maybe, just maybe,...

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