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Jan 1, 12 7:24pm

I used to be a huge fan of Namco. Anything they put out was great. I stll think they can put out great things, but what they've actually been putting out lately has been mediocre. I speak mainly of the Ace Combat series... but this leads me to another issue that has really caused a falling away from them. They do have a chance to redeem themselves, but once down this slippery slope (I'll get to that in a second), there's usually no turning back.

This dastardly practice to which I refer is Downloadable Content (DLC). I'm not so much against adding things on to games after they're released, or the fair pricing of add-on content. What I AM against is selling a video game for $60.00, then offering smatterings of crappy DLC such as holiday aircraft skins and charging out the wazoo for them. Namco has offered aircraft skins, additional aircraft, and with DLC pack 6, additional maps. All in all, if I were to omit the shameless self-promoting acft skins and the holiday skins (which should be free), also throw out the crappy skins... and let's say I just wanted the new aircraft and a few select skins, and the maps... it would run me ANOTHER $60.00. Is this where we want to ALLOW the market to go? Forcing those who would like to get the most out of a game to pay a total of TWICE the market price for it?

Ace Combat Assault Horizon is a mediocre game AT BEST. It deserves maybe a $30 price tag to begin with. THEN ,to get things that should have been unlockable in the game, we have to fork over another $60??? (That's tentative, since I'm sure Namco isn't done releasing DLC packs...) We're paying, after all is said and done, $120 for a $30 game.

I'm curious as to the number of customers that have complained to Namco about this. I have... with no response.

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