Hey neoseekers, I'm looking for some shiny 5 IV/6 IV competitive or event Pokemon that interest me. I have these Pokemon

Hello neoseekers, I'm in need of a trusted cloner to clone 6 of my Pokemon. I need 2 clones + the original if possible. M

Hello fellow neoseekers! I'm very interested in a SSB Greninja as well as a Christmas Jirachi, 5/6 IV shiny Pokemon and a

Hello neoseekers, I am currently looking for the new Mega Evolution Pokemon in their shiny, pre-evolution form. I would like

Hey I'm looking for a Mystic Water for competitive battling purposes. I'm not sure what to offer but I can try yo acc

Hello neoseekers, I'm looking for a shiny Electrike with the Hidden Power type Ice. If possible, a Manectite would be muc

Hey everybody, I'm looking for a 6 IV shiny Electrike to use competitively. I have some Pokemon I can offer: Non Shiny

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