ivysaurtriad blogged
Dec 31, 08 5:42pm

I have a new mobile! I've been fiddling with it all day. So not much


This fact of the week is that my brother has autism. For those of you who
don't know, Autism is a mental disability. This is one of the many mental
disabilities that the word *bleep* refers to. So don't use it carelessly.


The Pokemon of the week is, beleive or not, Mawile. Just imagining it using bite... Wow.

Tune in next time! See ya!

ivysaurtriad blogged
Dec 20, 08 4:44pm

As usual, woke up and watched TV. Human Nature was on (yay!) Saturday Disney(Boo!). They sang a song off their album (Yay!) and Last Christmas(Meh.). I decided to do a 750 piece jigsaw (Hmmm...) just as Dad left to work (Yay!). The cat wanted to go in (again) but disappeared soon aterward(Yay!). I found him in the shadehouse (No suprise) and let him into the house... Where he... Um... Crawled up into an armchair and slept. Then I went onto Neoseeker (Finally!), and I ended up getting some Email Friend (like penfriend) from England. Apparently she's almost anorexic. (Did I spell that right?) Well, we'll see about that. Any guys that wanna tell her you're not interested in those sorta chicks, PM me. Well, that's all for now!

ivysaurtriad blogged
Dec 19, 08 4:23pm

Okay, every week I'll have a favourite Pokemon, a weird but true fact
about my life, and of course, reveiws of my day.


Woke up in the most unusual way this morning. The alarm clock rang, and
all my bedsheets and blankets were still on the bed. Usually they're all
on the floor. Watched TV until there was nothing else on, then went back
to bed. Yep, for me, it's been the holidays for about a week and a half
(Started last Thursday) and I have nothing to do with myself. Note; I live
in the country. I almost wish it was school again. Almost. Ate lunch and
watched a movie midday, and brought the washing off of- DaDaDa!- The hills
hoist. Then went on the computer. Here I am.


Okay, this Pokemon of the week is- drumroll please- Bayleef! (Betcha
didn't see that coming!)


And heres a very important fact most people don't know; I'm a girl! That's
the annoying bit about computer communication, I suppose...


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