I'm back and better then ever!

Hi im isaac(isa98) phillips.
I was born on the day and month of april 15, 1988 little did i know was i was going to rock the ages of videos and so forth, as time went by i created & created more videos! And the saga continues.... I enjoy listening to groups like maroon 5, five for fighting, modest mouse and train! Favorite games are the grand theft auto trilogy and mortal kombat 1 2 & 3 and the sims2....I also enjoy comics like static shock and spiderman oh and my favorite shows are the simpsons drawn together and southpark, smallville also pimp my ride!
In my pass time i enjoy writing poetry, writing music,playing football and lifting weights.Poptarts!!! Well thats all for now, hope to see you at the forum!


Dating girlz or should i say ladies, Producing/writing movies,gta san andreas,halo2,art,music,poetry, chappelle's show.And dave and
shnu shnu my pets!
Favorite top 10 music
1.Maroon 5 - Harder 2 Breathe/Sweetest Goodbyes
2.Train - Its About You/Meet Virginia
3.Five For Fighting - 100 years/Bloody Marrys
4.Modest Mouse - Float On/Oceans Breathe Salty
5.Eric Clapton - Change The World/Fathers Eyes
6.Outkast - Playas Ball/The Whole World
7.Junior Seniors - Shake Me Baby/Shake Your Coconuts
8.Jay Z - Hard Knock Life/Izzo
9.Scarface/Miri Ben-Sari -Sunshine through the rain
10.Linkin Park - In The End/Meteora
Favorite Sports
1.Hockey (NY Rangers)
2.Football (S.F 40 Niners)
3.Basketball (Sacramento Kings)
Favorite Movies
1.Back To The Future Trilogy
2.Southpark Bigger Better Longer Uncut
4.Forest Gump
5.Happy Gilmore
7.Deues Bigalow Male Giggalo
9.Menace to society
10.South Central

Favorite Hats

Wanna see my art go here....

I came in second place at the academy of art convention.
Oh i also write poetry apound request for all the nice ladies out there 16 on up.


"Remember me? Isa98 from the Bronx..."

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Review: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas - Grand Theft Auto at its best!!!!!!

Jan 1, 2005

Best game ever? I'm not one to make judgments like that, but I can't think of a game I've ever enjoyed so thoroughly. Playing the game is like briefly entering into a perfect world where designers have perfected a cross between cinematics and...

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