sheepman insominus
May 24, 08 3:31pm
Just realised you are one of the few people to sign my guestbook.

As I have no stamp...

here is a funny vid:

Phil422343 insominus
Jan 31, 08 7:00pm

Give England some massive support though the Six Nations, bring home the trophy lads, your world cup finalists...
Glitzville insominus
Jan 02, 08 2:34am

Happy New Year from Giechel O/Glitzville!
drag0nk1n insominus
Dec 27, 07 8:34am
Hi, I saw you around this place so im gonna sign your guestbook!

Happy belated Xmas!

Everyone likes cute anime characters right?

Sign back or I won't send any more cute anime characters anymore. If you hate them, ill send more!Either way sign back!
Zamm5 M5ge insominus
Dec 23, 07 9:09am

Evgeni Malkin says Merry Christmas. He also said that if you sign back he will score a goal, so sign back!

Take care.
Angyles Cerddoriaeth insominus
Dec 04, 07 3:53am
=( I miss you in game.

Thankies for the stamp

Angy <3
mkb2009 insominus
Nov 12, 07 8:25am