Hey, thanks a lot for the banner you created. I don't have a kick ass stamp or anything for you, but I still thought I'd say thanks.
Hey I'm stamping all my friends guest books.

Sponge Bob FTW

Now to use up space.

La La la. I wish I had the Les Paul. La La La. Maybe an Fender. La La La. Bye!
Oops forgot to sign your gb. I got this stamp from the request thread i got your sig. xD

You can sign back if you want
Thanks for th banner and the avatar really appreaciate it looks good so il sign your guestbook. See ya round.

hey i added u as a friend!!! YAY!!! i'll PM u if i need anything...or just post it one the graphic forum...if u want to do a job or have run out of ideas i have plenty that u could work on that aren't emo and stuff...i'll try to stay away from graffitti since u said it wasn't ur best work...so anyways i'll be on like everyday and stuff so most of the time i'm reachable...ok so anyways bye and thx for helping me with my banners...U ROCK!!!