Thanks for signing, and just because you like my sig...
Hello Inazuma, just thought I'd sign your guestbook and leave you with a picture of uber babe, Rachel Stevens.

PS. You completed Ninja Gaiden Black yet?
hey, I'm signing pretty much whoevers book I run into, I read your band list... nice! System of a Down is my favorite...

gettin' too old for this crap...

Chain Chomp

I saw your picture & thought you were shexy

Bloody 125 character limit.
Hey, whatsup bro? I'm getting better at Ninja Gaiden now, but I'm still getting my ass kicked a lot of the time, haha. Thanks for all the help you've given me!
Thanks for the G-Book Signing! I'm pleased that the thread amusedf yaz, take it easy now!

Seen your stamp in a friends book and i like it alot. Well I hope i get the same..... or better...

Just be sure to give me a shout if you need a new siggy or avatar, yours is one of my proudest creation!

Have fun Ninga!
Hi! I'm here to re-sign your guestbook because i promised i would! I'm sorry if its taken too long for me to get back to you, but i've been really busy lately...
Anyway, here's my super cool stampie!

-----------insert stamp here-------------

yeah...i dont actually have one at the moment, i'm making a new one, and when i'm done ill re-sign your book AGAIN!!
lol, thanks for feeding my book!
Now that i've signed back is there still going to be trouble?

You hadn`t had a stamp in a while! I`ll help you out!
well you're image didn't work but thats ok, here i'll spam you with some good ol text 1337 talk lozzle.

hope we can xboxlive it sometime soon, cheers chap!
Hey, thanks for signing my guestbook. And thanks for saying I'm one of the best Neoseekers you've met, hehe, thanks. See you around.

Just thought I'd stop by and say thanks for the help and conversation in the Ninja Gaiden forums. Sign back if ya can. My GB is lonely. Its sad really cuz I've been here so long...maybe cuz I pissed so many people off. Anyway thanks. Cya around the forums. Maybe in NG2.
Thank you for signing my guestbook. I like your style. I like to play Ninja Gaiden and action games like it too! Besides, I love sushi as well. Peace homie.
signing u with this stamp.
Sign back sometime if u get the chance,

good to meet an Aussie here