Hey old friend, how have you been.
I'm gonna sign yer guest book with my first stamp in ages.

I hope your doing well and keep on keepin' on

Here's your Stamp For Fudge Sakes.

Love Ya!


I just wanted to wish you a merry Chirstmas and off course a happy new year

Guess I will be seeing you in the forums next year.

This is a returning Present For whenever you come back to visit us i miss ya buddy.


I just noticed it. Lol.
Well have a good one (if it even is your BDay at all)

Take care.^-^
Sign here: *brain stops*

oh! I remember now!
Signed by,
Hugh Jass

wel at least they didnt increase the amount of characters needed...
I'm in a GB Signing mood and i see you post alot in the DBZ fourms so here...
wow so many ppl like dragonball! me too! well good work on posts, i see you like shaman king. i absolutly love shaman king. so cool! see ya around imatramp.

How's it goin, man. Don't get too freaked out by the stamp.lol
London Expo eh...? :/ Sounds like fun! Count me in!! *rocks out with his *bleep* out* ph34r teh age at which it is legal to drive... Oh, and also ph34r your ability to pwnz tom Which I’m sure you know already... Also, I recently had to have my own haircut as well for reasons against my will, so I know what you went through... God I hate the way it looks now >.<;;

~ Enth ~
Hey suup and did you used your Avantar of Horohoro or not? anyways here's my stamp

I'm not going to be an asshole and tell you to sign back after i barely signed your guestbook in the first place.
i think its a time to sign your guestbook.. well all i can say that you seem to be a nice guy so thats why im here.. hope you return the favor by signing mine back so see ya later on graphics and animations forum!

Hey man thx for the banner i really appreciate it
Hello there! I felt like making a stamp and signing Guestbooks as the last time I did was back at the start of year 2005. Well, take care.

Spitfire Skateboarding. JJBDude
hey amn, i never signed your G0book so i though i would, thanks for the help with the GFX etc

I'm not sure I signed before. So I'll just leave you with my new stamp:

Finally have a stamp......

- Somebody you might know
Hey,i remember you from when you just signed up to Neoseeker.Congrats on 10K posts.

I really thought you meant SSJ3 but after watching the episode I understand what you meant anyways here is my stamp I you will like it

I`ve seen you through some forums so I`ll sign your guestbook!
I am on a signing spree and I have seen you in the DB forum and you seem alright. Anyway sign back when you can:

Thanks for that great stamp. I've seen you aound the DB forums ever since I was the unwashed heathen, dbzmastuh123. Your posts are well thought out and intelligent. Just wanted to say tha
Just on my round of owning guessbooks, this includes friends!! you fool!!

~Take Care, SV.
since i love you so much *ha! cough* I thought I'd sign your GB, be grateful!


Your guestbook has been blessed with the signing of FFX Fanatic!

Since it is such a blessing to even be blessed with the presence of FFX Fanatic, a signing is much less ephermal therefore the blessing will last until you delete this signing!

So have a little story,
Once upon a time there was a girl called Rinoa: and another girl called Yuna...now Rinoa had never met Yuna before so when they bumped into each other in a supermarket buying stuff, they apologised to each other….but when rinoa looked into yuna’s trolley she was shocked. “she has men’s underwear” she thought, “she can’t be normal” she got out her weapons and a fierce battle took place.

It was tough and it looked like no one was going to win, suddenly Tidus walked past and grabbed the underwear from yuna’s trolley saying “wow you got them!”

“oops” exclaimed Rinoa, they shook hands and then went on their separate ways, Yuna to go pay for tidus’ underwear and Rinoa to find squall who was sleeping on a bank.

The End!

And don’t forget to return the blessing back to FFX Fanatic!