I love the Blade despite being relatively expensive, but the thing I love the most is that Franklin's Buffalo is now avai

This DLC has been a flop. They promise heists and try to keep us happy with this overprices pile of crap. Firstly, the

Currently the game is only £20 and I was wondering if I should get it as I have been getting into BF3 again and BF4 loo

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yZRXloNP3RM Video with all cars on it ^ Been saving up $600k to buy one of the DLC cars

So I had an idea about restoring wrecked cars. For example you could find the shell of a car in The Senora Desert/Sandy Sh

Post your highest recorded distances that you were thrown in a vehicle by the gate glitch

I was in my garage and then someone with a sniper killed me and then another time someone with a machine gun just shot me in

So what are your favourite song/radio stations? Songs: Toro y Moi - So Many details and Cashmir Cat - Mirror Mauri to name

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ge6NMBdbiz0 Hope this gives you all some info that you want for heists online! :D

How can I get a new list from Simeon? i have had the same list from him for ageees. And I really want the Tailgater, so

_The Neoseeker Car Club_ http://tinyurl.com/qzb8tz6 _The Crew Emblem ^_ _What we do?_ The point of this club is t

This article might be fake, but it basically states that we are allowed to spend money that was randomly given to us or was g

So the recent christmas DLC has brought many good things to online, bringing snow and new clothes. Even Sandy Shores is

So yesterday online a tank destroyed my Carbonizzare and when I called Mors all lines were busy or something, but when I call

> Talk about vehicles. > Plan car meets > Queries about vehicles

So currently I am level 31 and I only have 4 survival locations on my map and it says that I haven't unlocked survival on

I was wondering if we could use this thread to rate each other's vehicles online by using the snapmatic or describing it.

http://metro.co.uk/2013/12/19/gta-online-cheaters-have-stolen-in-game-money-worth-millions-4237647/ Hackers have stolen ab

I found one of the triathlon bikes in Sandy Shores and rode it home. It is stored in my garage and was up on the wall in the

Can someone make me this signature for me? For the background: Plain white Middle: Can you have Stoke city in bubble writ

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