I'm am usually a very calm person but when a game that is at least a little bit scary I loose all composer ahnd wasta bullets on something that is already dead (I have a Very over active imagination). So I don't miss out on really good games I trick my dad into playing them so I can watch :) and I know I've haven't gone over it because my friend made me play Left 4 Dead on campane mode and whenever my teammates ran towards me I'll mistake the for zombies and shoot them (oops, sorry). but I'm very good with game knowledge (I'm the go-to girl for accurate game rieviews (before the game comes out) and info :))


GAMES:I love The Legend of Zelda series (duh),Parasyte Eve(too young to play so I watch my sister play), The Legend of Legia(sister played),Final Fantasy(who doesn't?),Resident Evil series(especially Resident Evil 3 Nemises(dad played)),Persona 3 and 4 (for some reason I just can't stand 1),the entire Shin Megami Tensai series,and many more games I can't remeber or is just too lazy to type.
OTHER:I love to read, researching games, watching people ply games, playing games (yet another duh), not my little sister, my baby sister, my big sister, manga, writing imaginative essays (alway original), The Legend of ZELDA paraphonila, swords, fencing, my picture of LINK WITHOUT HIS SHIRT (*faints*), Link, thinking,and now I'm tired of typing so no more.
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