Breeze ilovefootball
Dec 24, 07 10:44pm

Smudger14 ilovefootball
Jan 17, 07 2:35am
Thanks for the signing mate. I rarely look at my guestbook hence the long wait for a reply. Anyway, I made myself a stamp. Enjoy it!

The Shape ilovefootball
Dec 27, 06 2:06am
Thanks for the signing mate, hope you had a good day yourself and enjoy a great new year.

Oh, and ilovefootball too.

And now I'm just trying to fill the character limit.
mutd boy ilovefootball
Dec 25, 06 2:33am
Just noticed you signed my GB and I hadn't signed yours (or have I )

Oh well, here have a kangaroo as an Xmas present from me:

I edited it myself
MarkRFC ilovefootball
Dec 23, 06 8:17pm
Hi, thanks for signing my guestbook, thought i better sign yours.

Lone Warrior ilovefootball
Dec 20, 06 7:10am
Hey, mate. Thanks for the signing, you've almost gained yourself a place in my Neo FC lineup.

Till I see you again in the FM07 forum,

merry X-mas from...

Rudi_9 ilovefootball
Dec 20, 06 5:19am
Cheers for the signing . Merry Xmas and a happy New Year.

curly fries dude ilovefootball
Dec 20, 06 3:07am
Well, its that time of year where everbody goes around signing and saying Merry Christmas, well I have decided to join them!

Thanks for signing mine!

See you around,

robbojohnno ilovefootball
Dec 19, 06 7:24am
You signed mine so I thought I would sign yours back. Anyways Merry Christmas and Happy New year. Have a Good'un

arsenal all da way ilovefootball
Dec 19, 06 2:41am
Hey man, thanks for signing my guestbook

Remember you were a good member from the FM forums but i don't really post around there much more. Anyway have a merry christmas and best wishes for the new year!

sorry no stamp

gers_fan_no1 ilovefootball
Dec 18, 06 6:33am

You signed mine you I'l sign yours =P

Glad to see you posting a bit more on the FM Forums now. You seem like a great member, so stay around and keep posting!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year =D!
ViNCeNZo ilovefootball
Dec 18, 06 4:27am

Heyo ilovefootball,

Here's some holiday wishes for you. Consider this well and truly put!
Square ilovefootball
Dec 6, 06 11:03pm
Seen you around on the FM07 forum and spoke to you on Msn, you seem like a cool guy so I thought I'd sign your GB.

toon_lad1990 ilovefootball
Oct 1, 06 4:16am
hey there dude,
seen you around the forums a lot lately so i thought i'd sign your!,
sign mine too please:),
keep up the good work,
quite like arsenal myself but theyre not a patch on newcastle lol...if only!,
later mate:D
i am sephiroth ilovefootball
Jun 2, 06 10:43pm
if you like arsenal, i was in their academy! now im in Liverpool's though! can u sign into my guestbook as well please!
PS unlucky in the Champs League final, wenger should've listened to rafa!
Whitt ilovefootball
Dec 22, 05 5:36am
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

From Whitt
grimbo123 ilovefootball
Nov 21, 05 2:33am
hi thought i would be the first to sign your guestbook.
Plz sign back on my guestbook when u have got time.
See u later and welcome to the forum