Oi, Colonel Infernal!
She'll cut her throat at ten if she's mad at two.
RIP Ethan... death is an illusion.
Kiss your lips, grab your hips and fly away...
Someday I fear I will be rescued from the borderline D;
The Cope... Smallest room in the house. Made for writing. Nevermind the bedroom, we sleep here instead.
Four eyes, Hangnight! Four! Close them all, now do you see?
Sick of writing every song about you
We have triumphed, Figgle McScuzzbag!
Push the retaliate button!
I think you need iiiiiiiiice waterrrrrr...
In search of treasure para mi corazón <3
Castle started spinnin or maybe it was my brain~
Who remembers those arroyo hooligans anyway. =A
The kids all log on, the kids all download! The kids all tune in to the black and white radio!♪
with the birds i'll share this lonely view...
"No hardcore dancing in the livingroom!"
The moonbird rests from his flight
Purple is the patron saint of skinny jeans everywhere.

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