I mainly just Mario mainiac but I also have an X-box which has some awsome games. I am new to neoseeker but it is seems like a great website! When I am not playing video games I am probably working on my new comic ( I write comics no famous ones) playing basket ball or watching something on TV.


Well like everyone else on this website... I LIKE VIDEO GAMES! Sorry, any way I have 2 main systems Gamecube and X-box. My favorite game for Gamecube would ether be Jungle Beat or Paper Mario: Thousand Year Door. For X-box Halo 2. I also have all the gameboy systems.


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Review: Donkey Kong: Jungle Beat - Donkey kong Jungle Beat Rocks

May 5, 2005

Well I've got to hand it to Nintendo, they got a pretty fun game here. With rockin music, colorful graphics, cool enemies, [my personal faves, Sumo kong and iguanadon]and a unique way to play, the bongo drums. The only problem is if you play to...

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