nisei3579 iceslayer
Oct 30, 12 10:51pm
bought 4-7 Cleo. smooth transaction! highly recommended. trustworthy seller!
thaos95 iceslayer
Oct 28, 12 7:53am
Smooth and fast transaction. Will buy from again!
imaman iceslayer
Oct 25, 12 2:14am
had deals between him and me. no more words, he can be trusted.
eeblak iceslayer
Oct 23, 12 9:52am
Did a bulk transaction with this guy, everything went smoothly. Was patient and helpful towards a paypal noob. I approve!
dgtlmonk iceslayer
Oct 18, 12 10:54am
One of the honest seller around, shouldn't have a problem with this guy. Account is given to me so I can secure it for the buyer. Very cooperative to process.
rokea iceslayer
Oct 18, 12 10:44am
Just finished a large transaction with this seller. Everyting went A1! good communication and easy to deal with. You can trust this guy