well uh not really sure what to say here so uh...GO DENVER BRONCOS!!!!



my interests aren't anyhting special but here they are

baseball(the greatest thing ever)
hockey(damn lockout)
music(i have a very eclectic taste)
pools(billiards for the preps)
sports cards
videogames(mostly RPGs
waaaaaaaay too many animes/mangas to count...heres a few of the ones im watching now

1.full metal alchemist
2.inu yasha
3.soul taker(again^_^)

cars(too many types/ones to count)
car racing(i developed alove for this thoguh gran turismo)

and i guess thats me in a nutshell for the most part

and heres my three strongest "passions" (in order)
3.listening(not just hearing) to great music


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