Demon Hunt iTrader
Dec 11, 12 11:16pm
trade my cerberus lvl 55 clean.
as any trade i stated my IGN and lvl.
was ask to tell skill set. I did so but was ask again after sending skill set stats. Huh? After deal was struck he tell me to sent trade but did not give my his IGN or lvl. LOL I pointed it out and gave my IGN again and he send trade. I got really confuse with all this but trade was what he said it would be so everything good. Anyhow thank you for trade. Honest but just a little slow.

Good trader, just be really patient with the guy.
GCAbhishek iTrader
Dec 7, 12 8:35pm
Fast, great communication. Trade went through easily and cards were as described. Very pleasant to trade with.
sut3kid4n3 iTrader
Dec 6, 12 7:00am
If you want the long story, you can directly ask me, but to cut it short (and it is still long) I had a deal with him just now. He was looking a lot of stats stones for his ACE ettin and agni, so we had some negotiations going on until he asked me what is the final number that i can offer, if he agree then we will have a deal. So i state the number and he was fine with it. Then we proceed with the first trade with ACE agni, everything was good until he PMed me again that he got a better offer for the ettin, so he traded it with other people. After that we have a very long argument and I dont need to tell you the rest unless you want to know the details, but from this I hope you guys understand why I said this as a very dissapointed user.
T1DUS iTrader
Dec 6, 12 6:55am
Very trust and good trader.... The BEST!!!
T1DUS iTrader
Dec 5, 12 4:17am
Raienyu iTrader
Nov 30, 12 10:57pm
fast and smooth trade. cards we described accurately.