I LOVE THIS GAME. One of the best games I have ever played (besides KHII). Beat it although it took me a long time. KingdomHearts PS2
Never played it but it's my brothers. KingsFieldTheAncientCity PS2
Just beat it recently, it was fun. (: HarvestMoonAnotherWonderfulLife GC
Almost beat it but then accidentally erased it. ): It was fun though. HarvestMoonAWonderfulLife GC
Almost beat it, play it a long time ago, tried again recently but got bored. HarryPotterandTheChamberOfSecrets PC
Used to play it with my brother. GranTurismo3Aspec PS2
Never played it but it's my brothers. GoblinCommanderUnleashTheHorde Xbox
Never played it but it's my brothers. He said it was fun. ChampionsReturnToArms PS2
I love this game. It may get boring after a while but if you look up stuff it's really addicting. I've already paid off my house. AnimalCrossing GC
I think I beat it twice a long time ago. It was pretty fun. 102DalmatiansPuppiesToTheRescue PC

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