I'm looking for: Any form of Unown caught in ORAS, a Cresselia caught in ORAS, OR Ho-oh, OR Palkia, OR Tornadus, and OR R

I'm looking for a pokeball pattern Vivillon, it can be any language, but I would prefer English, or at least the english

I have up for trade: Shiny Aipom (Female, Luxury Ball, 3IVs) Shiny Gourgeist (Female, Normal Size, Quick Ball, 2IVs) Shi

_Looking For:_ Shiny Frosslass Shiny Vespiquen I don't care about natures, IVs, or abilities, I just want them. I

Shiny Kirlia Male Timid Trace Perfect Attack and Defense IVs. Looking for a Shiny Female Ralts, Kirlia, or Gardevoir.

FT: Shiny Female Pyroar Shiny Ferroseed Shiny Octillery 2 Yveltals Xerneas Zygarde Mewtwo (with Mewtwoite Y) a Master

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