alpha zero hydro hero
Jul 2, 14 9:13pm
hey hydro long time no see ^-^
hydro hero
Nov 20, 13 8:29pm
buebue buuuuue I'm a garbodor
hydro hero
May 4, 11 10:55pm
I'm on deviantart more often now so if you miss me (doubt it) see me on there
hydro hero
Jan 28, 11 11:17am
if YOU read this I HOPE you die
hydro hero
Jan 12, 11 11:39am
wants to know why his life is entirely empty of joy
hydro hero
Sep 23, 10 7:17am
I'm taking art classes now
hydro hero
Aug 27, 10 3:56pm
I'm falling apart! apparently everyone in my family is aloud to be upset but not me
hydro hero
Aug 4, 10 6:41pm
I'm inspired again, more art of my fusona and any other things that pop in my head will be here soon
hydro hero
Jul 19, 10 8:20am
kicking back on art for the summer, having fun
hydro hero
Apr 7, 10 6:13am
excited for lost planet 2 and still depressed.
hydro hero
Apr 3, 10 12:09am
exited for lost planet 2
hydro hero
Mar 19, 10 5:24am
Deppression, Deppression, Deppression
hydro hero
Feb 4, 10 5:09am
Sign my guestbook giving me your goodbyes if you don't mind

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