SS9 gogeta huhwhat
Jan 2, 06 9:39pm
cool you have so many people that sighn your guestbook sighn my guestbook want to be your neofriend thanks for helping me and please keep helping me
black ied peas huhwhat
Aug 23, 05 3:54am
You had a cool name so I decided to sign your GB!!!Here it is.
Hope you like One Piece^_^
ChRisSy_1 huhwhat
Aug 16, 05 7:51pm
Thanks 4 signing the book, here's a stamp that consists of food because i'm feeling kind of hungry..

where the *bleep* is wonka vision when you need it??
gamer_girl22 huhwhat
Aug 16, 05 4:20am
Hey, thanks for signing my G-Book. Here is my stamp

See Ya!
Deis huhwhat
Aug 9, 05 9:33pm

Hey, you signed me, i sign you!

See you around!

Love Lady Luck
Kid Clutch huhwhat
Jul 8, 05 8:19pm
Hey dude, just signing your g-book and showing you my new stamp. Because if you saw last week's Raw, you should've seen that Hogan got:

Take care.
alleniverson3 huhwhat
Jul 5, 05 11:37pm
Hey I see you in the Day of Reckoning forums alot and your pretty cool. I'll see you around.
Subsoul huhwhat
Jun 25, 05 11:10pm
I've seen your ass around the wrestling forum. You say your favorite wrestler is Brock Lesner? Me too!
Pm me if you ever want to talk. Also, sign my guestbook back.

Da Balla huhwhat
Mar 13, 05 5:35am
yo thx fo signing my g-book yo, ur cool and a cool memba of tha mo forums.holla if u hear me dawg.

-da balla
Mohanned huhwhat
Mar 1, 05 6:19pm
Hows it goin' I'm Half Irish Half Danish. I'm Moanned but my real name is Rambo Ulrich, just wanted to sign your guestbook. Please sign mine man, with a sexy picture would be nice . Peace ,
Mohanned AKA Rambo Ulrich
Chococat277 huhwhat
Feb 20, 05 6:52am
Hi...I am Chococat277. I've seen you around the wrestling forums so I just wanted to stop by your buestbook and give ya a stamp! It's a very sexy stamp too! it is!

It's destiny! He will get the title back in his hands very very soon! Just you wait and see.

PM me to chat! ^-^
The Rock Bottom huhwhat
Feb 20, 05 2:21am
Hey, hows it goin' this is The Rock Bottom. Thought I'd sign your guestbook. You have cool pictures man , it would be great if you could sign my guestbook. I'll see you around,
The Rock Bottom
Deabeat huhwhat
Feb 18, 05 1:38am
hey just signin'! YOU'VE BEEN STAMPED!

Chris Benoit is 4 real!
Eugene Rulz huhwhat
Jan 31, 05 2:56am
I see you like Eminem. I'm assuming cuz of your avatar. Anyways, I'm just stoppin' by to sign a fellow Eminem fan's G-bookie. Here's my stamp:

~Sign back sometime
static_puzzle huhwhat
Jan 31, 05 2:43am
Thank you for signing my guestbook and using my GFX. Here is my stamp:

Shadow_One huhwhat
Aug 14, 04 8:13pm
HIIIIIIIIII, are you HHHIIIII. Well anyways You are now signed by ME! Like it or not...PLEASE Like it! Oh well PM me later!

poopdog huhwhat
Aug 21, 03 1:14am
Now you can sign my guestbook..Yup,yup,yup.three bottles of whisky and a tub full of beer I signed your guestbook here,here,here!
coolflame huhwhat
Aug 13, 03 6:01pm
hey sign mine sometime!

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|.::::::.| Stupid Length Thingy |.::::::.|
|.::::::.| |||||||||||||||||||| |.::::::.|
|.______.| |||||||||||||||||||| |.______.|