I love video games (duh!) especially kingdom hearts! I love Roxas and Cloud... and Sora... and Link... and Leon... and Sephiroth (cause he is soo fng evil) and *goes one to list many hot video game guys*\

Oh I really like wii and Im am a first generation gamer... I LOVE Nintendo!(and square enix)

im in High school still (do u think an adult would say they love Cloud? COME ON!!)

A little more about me... hmm im really really weird *and proud of it* I hate bad spellers... O i often rock out to under the sea in Japanese... I like jpop(GO HIKKI GACKT AND ORANGE RANGE!!!)... hmm... ummm I have 2 kittens, 3 dogs, and 3 rabbits... Im in the Ca county fair a lot... I do 4-H... yeah typical girl I like to blab a lot )if u havent noticed)

I also make youtube vids ;P



OOO what else do I like... Final fantasy VII, VIII, IX, X, X-2, Advent Children, Zelda games, Dirge of Cerberus (hey i didn't think it was that bad!), Gamecube games, Barbie wild horse rescue (i liked to kill barbie :P), star fox, Super smash bros, animal crossing, Banjo Kazooie, and kirby! that's about all i can think of at the moment :P

I do horse-back riding (Im quite good too) I jump over jumps and stuff. Been riding scene I was little so yeah.

Things I hate
people who call me a guy on the internet (I will find you)
People who hate kh
you (definitely you :P)
people who cant spell for s***
normal people
people who don't like me
extremely preppy people
people who "hate" wii
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