I 100%ed this beast, and I never want to do it again... Unless someone asks me or it's for a recorded project for YouTube DonkeyKong64 N64
I got two of these: one boxed and one cartridge only. WCWVsNWOWorldTour N64
They should have made a Playstation port of this, it would have been awesome MortalKombat X360
I CANNOT BEAT CANARY MARY THE FOURTH TIME It's ruining my 100% BanjoTooie X360
Beat it 100% on Xbox Live Arcade and got all of the achievements. Also beat it 100% on N64 BanjoKazooie N64
They should have made a Playstation port of this :) MortalKombat PS3
Revenge mode is a pain in the butt, so much pain! WWEWrestleManiaXIX GC

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