I saw you signed my guesbook and wanted to say thanks .

Sorry I have no stamp, I'll probably sign again when I get one. See you around the forums.
Hey,I cant find my new stamp so here.Err...125 characters

thanks for signing my guestbook. here's a tip with hosting images: go to www.imageshack.us, browse, host the image, and get the URL in the top box.

anyway, here's your stamp.

You haFf been stamped by the ulmighty sTuYy. [= [=

Laterzz. <3
Just seen that you signed my guest book. Thanks. Well... 125 letters minimum. Always have this prob. Erm... Lalalalalalalaaaaaaaaalala! (laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!) Hope you like my random singing. Don't have a stamp sorry.

like my sig:P anyway thanks for signing my guestbook. so wtf was that joke about:laugh:
Thanks for signing! What is you AIM handle? PM it to me please. Thank you!
[The three smilies of good luck!]
thanks for signing my guestbook. so, I'm signing back. here's a stamp.

Thanks for signing,this is my signing back to you.

See you around.

I kiss you on the cheek,
"Goodnight, my love," I say.
You turn to me and smile,
"A baby's on the way".

And then you drift asleep,
To dream of life anew.
And I lie wondering,
Just what I should do.

I could kick you in the stomach,
and catch you unawares.
I could swear to god you accidentally
Fell that flight of stairs.

When I tell you that I love you,
I will look you in the eye,
As I slowly slide the hanger up your thigh.

Vengeance is mine.

Hiya! There's someone nice! I see you around so I thought I would post this to make your day! (Yes I am nice like that) so there you go!

Signed by bad ass <3/! (heart or exclamation mark depending on gender)

PS, signing back wouldnt hurt
I am signing your guestbook again since you asked me to sign it. I hope your doing good. Talk to you again some other day. I hope you get to ride a horse again soon.
Thanks for signing my guestbook mate.

Although I've never seen you around.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

hey sorry for the late reply on the stampage ae... well i know your lieing about me being cool and what not. but who says flattery get you nowhere <insert stamp with half naked super model here> enjoy that 1 its my best pic.
have fun on neoseeker mate.
I will sign your guestbook as often as I remember to. I hope you have a wonderful weekend. If you want to talk to me this weekend e mail me. Talk to you soon.
nice profile. what is your aim?
mine is swimcrazy323. why do you have to have at least 150 charecters in guest book signings? no idea.
hi just whant to give u a stamp
Hey your an amazing person. I am gald we are friends. I would love to chat with you any day. I hope you have fun with your horse.
I ride Max,a quarter horse english. We jump,and he loves to go fast! I love him so much!!!!!!!!!! I also love Ruuby,Bay,Cruise,Cassidy,Banana,Mocha,Freckles,Jazz,etc. you can read about most Rock Creek horses on Real Life Rider Tales.
Hi! What kind of horses do you ride? What are there names? will you sign my guest book? I love horses! They are sooooo cute! I also love to ride! Can you believe that some people think it isn't even a sport! Hello! Posting! Jumping! I love to ride!
I love horses also and I love talking on Neoseeker. Hope to talk to you agian some other time. Keep me updated about your horse shows. Keep up the good work with your horses.
Thanks for signing my Guestbook! I haven't seen you much, but you seem to be a friendly person! You're cool, too! Maybe, once I get to know you better, we could be Neofriends? Okay, bye!
Hi, thanks for signing my guestbook, horses are really cool! Good luck to you at the horse show! PM me if you would like to be neo friends~~
Hey there Horsejo!

Im glad you like my 'S' i like it too

Im sorry to say the official Schteven 'S' is only for use by Schteven lol

But i'll tell you what, i'll make ya an 'H' which you can have all to yourself at the bargain price of Zer0 Seeker Dollars


And there it is!

I will PM you with the CODE for the smilie 'H'so no one can steal it easily

Stay cool! Take it easy

Btw, who are you?

And this part is here for the minimum length >_> <_< >_> <_< >_> <_< >_>