Oct 3, 13 8:49am
Hi everyone
Jul 23, 13 5:12pm
What if Justin Bieber is on top of the charts only because little girls don't know how to download illegally?
honorablesamurai blogged
Jul 22, 13 3:34pm

In 1288, if you called someone nice, you'd be calling them an idiot. If you called someone brave, you'd be calling them cowardly. "Girl" meant a child of either gender.
So next time you are addressing a mixed group, you should call them girls(unless, of course, you are either brave, or nice).
Jul 14, 13 5:35pm
Found out I can access Neo via my Kindle.
Jul 13, 13 10:30am
Wooo happy birthday to me
Jul 6, 13 5:38pm
Go away. My mom told me to stay away from you.
Apr 1, 13 10:00am
April Fools! I don't feel sorry for you
Apr 1, 13 9:59am
Hey, everyone whose birthdays are today...I feel sorry for you.
Mar 24, 13 11:26am
Hello. If you would like to make a complaint, I assure you, I will not read it.

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